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A Thorough Review on

What is Beam:

Beam is a free online interactive livestreaming platform/service.


 Beam officially started January 5th, 2016, although it was live prior to this. It offers some very cool benefits for streamers. The biggest being is it offers its viewers the ability to participate in the stream via interactive game play. Beam has a gamification system that allows viewers to accrue points (Spark) while watching streamers or when streaming themselves. The viewers can spend these points/Spark on interactive games that the streamer they are watching has set up for them within their channel.

The Big Difference:

 One of the big differences with Beam, from other online live streaming platforms, is that it uses an SDK (software development kit). This allows developers to create their own third party interactive applications for Beam. The interactive applications list is not long at this time. Interactive sound boards are the most popular among streamers. These interactive sound boards allow viewers to spend points/Spark to hear certain sound bites during the streamers live stream. Viewers can spend those points/Spark by clicking a button under the streamers live video feed and hearing the sound chosen live during the stream, such as a fail or cheer type sound bite.


 Other interactive applications offered at this time consist of Surgeon Simulator, Minecraft Survival Adventure, and Hypixel. As developers work more with the SDK, we should expect to see more interactive options in the near future.


 Beam has a few other aspects which make it stand out from other online gaming livestream platforms/services. The one aspect that many talk about is Transcoding. They allow standard streamers the ability to transcode at 480p (partner streamers are allowed the options of 720p, 480p, and 240p). If you stream at a higher quality rate (such as 1080p) this allows viewers the option to switch to 480p if their internet in not as good as the streamers. Without this option, the viewers with poor internet who watch streamers who stream at high quality (1080p) would be watching more of buffering symbol than the stream. Basically, this allows streamers to have more viewers who can watch their stream than if it were not offered. Other online gaming livestream platforms/services only offer these options to partnered streamers, or may not offer it all. It takes a high amount of resources for the online gaming livestream platforms/service to offer this. It is included, even for the startup caster.

Faster Than Light (FTL) Streaming Protocol:

 Beam offers a new streaming protocol that grants streamers a “sub-second” video latency when streaming. The push behind being below one second latency is to allow streamers the ability to more quickly interact with their viewers, specifically viewers who are using the interactive applications during the stream. No delay is vital when it comes to a full online interactive experience.

Microsoft and

 We want to quickly point out that Microsoft has recently acquired/purchased They purchase it back on August 11th, 2016. In October, 2016, Microsoft announced that they will be integrated it within Windows 10 and the Xbox One. These features will come via a “Creator’s Update” in the spring of 2017. With Microsoft fueling everything, it’s only a matter of time before this platform/service becomes a major mainstream player. If people can stream or view Beam directly from an Xbox One console, the user account numbers will soar and only good things can become of this.


Gamer.Ninja's Thoughts on

 Gamer.Ninja has had a channel now for about three months. One of the first things we did after creating our channel was to sign up for Beam Pro streamer status. Besides turning our user name purple (which people notice and is cool), it helps further development and allows us to earn double points/Spark. Our streaming level (at the time of this article) is currently at 103 which means we have put some time in.

Gamer.Ninja's thoughts on are very positive.


  • Website user control and layout of channel options: It is very easy to use and understand.
  • The community base: We have yet to have any trolls and only had very positive interaction with the community.
  • Very little to no delay when streaming: What shows up is only a second behind what shows up on our broadcasting software display.
  • Very insightful and helpful forums: They offer forums that can help you with everything from setting up your stream to getting the interactive options installed and going.
  • The willingness of the staff to connect to its user base: Staff is always coming out to address any concerns that may arise.
  • The quickness to address issues: The Dev Team seems to be on top of issues that crop up with the site and software.
  • (Selfish, I know) The vast majority of the streamer community speaks English.


  • The size of the community: Right now it is hard to grow at a rate other sites like Twitch can offer you. Simply put, there are not a lot of people on right now. This should change considerably in 2017.
  • In Google Chrome the website crashes due to not enough memory: There is a possible memory leak that is being addressed. I have to refresh the tab on occasion to fix this.

Overall, Gamer.Ninja gives a 9 out 10 stars rating. In many ways it is way better than Hitbox or Twitch. We are very excited to watch them grow over the next year. Many things are set in place to make this service/platform grow in 2017. We want to grow with them. We are at almost 1000 views and above 60 followers as of this article.

Follow our channel on Beam: GamerNInja is the name of our channel.

It’s simple and easy. Register at today and try it out for yourself. Let us know what you think of in our forums:

Gamer.Ninja Beam forums:

Click Here for Gamer.Ninja Beam Forums

Have fun streaming!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Destiny Update 2.4.0

Destiny Update 2.4.0 The One That Prepares Rise of Iron

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Destiny Rise of Iron

Calling all Destiny fans! It’s almost here. The update is out. The pre-order is bought. Are you ready for the latest expansion of Destiny, Rise of Iron?

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Destiny Sparrow Racing League Mode is Coming

Destiny Sparrow Racing is Coming


Many have asked for this and many have been waiting. Destiny sparrow racing is coming 12/8/2015 to the Taken King.

It was announced on 12/5/2015 that Destiny will be getting a new game mode. Destiny Sparrow Racing Leagues are coming to the Taken King.

The only fact at this time is that this game mode is confirmed and that you will need to own the Taken King to be able to participate in the leagues. This has been a game mode that many have requested and many have been waiting for. Word is that is only coming to the PS4 gaming platform but more details are to coming.

The racing will include the planets Mars and Venus. The new game mode will allow you to win new sparrows and gear. You will need to own the new Destiny expansion The Taken King to joining on the racing. The idea was inspired by a self-proclaimed league that had already been racing sparrows within the game areas previously.

More information and details will be released as soon as later today.

Gamer.Ninja Staff

James Plays Life is Strange Episode 3 Number 1

James Plays Life is Strange Episode 3 Number 1

Gamer.Ninja and Oran1 offers us an exclusive look into James Plays Life is Strange Episode 3 Number 1. Watch as Oran1 offers us a funny and exclusive look into this game offered on Steam.

This is a complicated game and a gaming experience that is driven to dorm life when in college (as far as we can grasp) and someone goes missing.

Ok, all we here at Gamer.Ninja found interesting with James Plays Life is Strange in the commentary from Oran1 during this game review. This game is boring but Oran1 makes the review interesting.

Please watch Oran1’s review of James Play:

This game, James Plays Life is Strange, does not really go well for us but Oran1's commentary is still killer. No matter what other sources state! We here at Gamer.Ninja get what Oran1 is doing with his reviews. It's funny! We like it.

That’s all for this from Gamer.Ninja


Gaming.Ninja Staff

Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for your Xbox One

Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One

Gamer.Ninja offers an inside look into the Hauppauge and Microsoft Reveal of the new Over-the-Air TV Digital Tuner for U.S. and Canada Xbox One Users. The Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for your Xbox One.

It was revealed on May 20th, 2015 that there is now a new way to view live and local TV on your Xbox One. The device is called the Digital TV tuner for Xbox One Hauppauge:


TV and Xbox One has been becoming a larger market over the past year. With on-demand apps such as HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central  and Live TV apps such as Sling TV, TWC TV, Verizon FiOS and ESPN. Not to mention gamers who the ability to integrate any cable or satellite service with Xbox One. It’s a no brainer that live and local digital TV services/networks would come into the picture. Well it has and now gamers can tie into local digital TV networks and view them on their Xbox Ones with help from Hauppauge.

Hauppauge is well known throughout the industry for just what it is delivering to Xbox One user. Hauppauge has been making little devices for years now that takes a coaxial cable feed and transform it into USB readable data. The latest release is Hauppauge allowing a digital coaxial cable to enter the likes of your Xbox One to allow gamers the ability to view localized digital network work transmissions. Pretty cool huh?

The incentive for gamers, who do not have cable or satellite TV options, is you can now tie your digital antenna feed into your Xbox One and view local channels within the US or Canada. All you have to do now is Snap and you can watch your favorite local TV channels as you game your heart away.


Things You Will Need

Besides the Hauppauge tuner is a good digital TV antenna. Any digital TV signal you can reach out for will feed right into your Xbox One. The better the antenna means more channels for gamers to view locally.

The Big Positives

The flips side to all this is you can now turn your Xbox One into a TiVo for favorite local and live channels. The Xbox One will now grant you the ability to pause up to 30 minutes of live local TV and watch this feed and recorded TV via Snap when gaming. Gamers will also have the ability to stream this media throughout your home network using the Xbox App or any Windows 10 devices. Additionally, you can also stream this media via the SmartGlass app on any mobile device such as Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android mobile device even when someone else is utilizing the Xbox One. You can also change channels remotely via the OneGuide even if a gamer is playing a gamer of his/hers choice without interruption of the game.

Thing to Watch for

Before you purchase a Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One will need to find out what local digital TV signals you can get. The easiest way to do this is by visiting This website will tell in detail what you would be getting if you were to purchase the new Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One.

What does it Cost

The local digital feed is free. The Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One will set you back about $99.99 from the Microsoft Store. If you purchase the Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One through the Microsoft Store it will include a Mohu Leaf 50 digital antenna. The tuner itself is offered through the Microsoft store and Amazon for $59.99.


Basically, the Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One is for the gamer who does not have access to satellite or cable TV. This day and age you would think that this is impossible. Seriously, gamers are tech savvy. Given the plethora of On-Demand media apps offered online and the many streaming options tech savvy gamers have, traditional satellite and cable services are almost rendered useless. We want more media for less or for nothing. A tech savvy gamer can spending under $20.00 a month and get as much as traditional satellite and cable providers provide for around $60-$90 per month. Now this is a no-brainer.

Check out the new Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One if you are into gaming and watching media on you Xbox One. You might just find something you always wanted but could not have.


Gamer.Ninja Staff


Going Ballistic – Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map

Going Ballistic – Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map

Once again, Oran1 offers up a great video on YouTube. Oran1 offers us an inside look into the Left 4 Dead 2 custom map call Going Ballistic.


Watch here at Gamer.Ninja as Oran1 offers up some great gameplay that involves killing zombies in his latest YouTube release. Oran1 gives us an inside look into the Going Ballistic map for Left 4 Dead 2:

There is an interesting story behind this map. It seems it was designed by a group of 28 students from the University of Baltimore. Here is the story behind that:

Going Ballistic was created over the course of a single semester by 28 University of Baltimore students. The class was designed to simulate a work environment. Students were divided into nine half-teams, each responsible for one half of one of the five levels in the campaign. The instructor developed the last half-level. The project was managed by the instructor, with the help of five student managers. At the beginning of the project, no student in the class had any prior experience with Hammer, the editor used to develop Left 4 Dead 2 levels. As such, students had to teach themselves to use the editing software while completing their weekly milestones.

Here is the original Going Ballistic campaign trailer:

Thanks again to Oran1 offering us a great video review of the customer map Going Ballistic for Left 4 Dead 2.

Check out Oran1’s YouTube Channel:

and Here:


Good Gaming!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Twitch Elite – EnragedCinema

Twitch Elite – EnragedCinema

Gamer.Ninja offers its viewers a glimpse into the world of Twitch. Twitch is a gaming stream which compels to no other. You want to see the latest of gaming, look to no other than Twitch.TV.

We here at Gamer.Ninja watch gaming streaming while composing out online content. It helps us think and we get ideas and insiders knowledge watching some of the best in gaming. One of the Twitch channels we watch is non-other than EnragedCinema. EnragedCinema goes by the user name of Prodigy.

Main thing is his Twitch feed: Click Here or EnragedCinema Subscribe Link: Click here

Prodigy is a gamer dedicated to the game of Destiny. He has played almost (if not every day) day since Destiny was launched by its Beta


Were here at Gamer.Ninja really enjoy EnragedCinema aka Prodigy. He brings us great music and great gaming which we enjoy.

EnragedCinema also offers some great commentary with his games. This what is needed with streamers. Besides his great commentary, EnragedCinema also brings advanced detail to his Twitch streaming page. He also explains on how he gets the arena he has to bring his streaming to the masses:

We here at Gamer.Ninja encourage you to subscribe to EnragedCinema by clicking here


EnragedCinema has been the featured streamer on Gamer.Ninja since we feature the Twitch FEATURED TWITCH CHANNEL last month. We plan to keep him on the tip until we get another option which will comprise his position.

Click on, love, subscribe and donate to EnragedCinema


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Prison of Elders Reveal – Destiny

Gamer.Ninja Brings You Prison of Elders Reveal – Destiny

The Development Team at Bungie-Destiny Reveals the Secretes of Prison of Elders on Twitch

The team for Bungie for the reveal included Professor Broman, Deej and Matt Sammons.


Prison of Elders is a Destiny End Game Activity. Close to what the Raid used to be, in the Expansion 2 which is House of Wolves within the massive MMO game we all know and love, Destiny. 

The Prison of Elders is an end game activity within Destiny which you will have to unlock as you play and complete other within the Reef. Once unlocked, you will have access to the Prison of Elders with the Reef main screen area which is known as the Director (to the right of the Reef access).


The base activity of the Prison of Elders is started at level 28, or known as a level 28 area. Fireteam is 1-3 players, is a cooperative and match making game and can yield you rewards of:

  • House of Judgment
  • Cryptarch Engram
  • Vanguard Marks of +6
  • Vanguard Reputation of +25

Destiny Nugget: Level 35 Arenas will have two modifiers per round.

Upon successful completion. Yes, match making. Prison of Elders has Modifiers, different bosses and offers an intense combat focused experience with some surprises. After this Prison of Elders offers high end challenge modes which are not match making and are level 32, level 34 and level 35. The names of these challenge modes which were exposed to us now:

Level 32 Arena Broken Legion – House of Judgment +200 and Armor Core


Level 34 Arena Urrox’s Grudge – House of Judgment +300, Weapon Core and Etheric Light


Level 35 Arena Skolas’s Revenge – House of Judgment +500, Armor Core, Weapon Core and Etheric Light


There are six total challenge modes (only three were shown as of now) with all of them rotating out within the level 35 Area on a weekly basis. Gamers can run the base Arena as many times as you like. The base level 28 Arena will rotate within the six Arenas being offered. The level 32 Arena, level 34 Arena and level 35 Arena can only be run once a week. So a gamer could run the level 28 Arena as many times as they would like and getting rewards each time but the rewards are much less but rewards non-the-less. The tradeoff would be that each time you select to run the level 28 Arena it will change to one of the six Arenas offered but you will be matched up with three gamers who want to win the Arena.

Destiny Nugget: The level cap on House of Wolves is 34 but there will be level 35 activities.

One of the Modifiers revealed is Trickle. This House of Wolves Modifier states – Recharge of Abilities is Significantly Reduced. Once you enter an Arena you will get to meet a Servitor that is a mouth piece of Varicks. Varicks is the overseer of the Prison of Elders. Much less, Varicks is a Fallen story agent seen in the original Reef reveal and the warden of the Prison of Elders. Varicks can remote controls the Prison of Elders through the servitor.


Once you start in the Prison of Elders you will be initiated by enemies. There is a revival time that your fire team will be able to be revived.

Destiny Nugget: There is Hive within the Reef Arena challenges.

Destiny Nugget: You can solo a level 32 or higher Arena.

The first part of the Arena equals 3 waves of enemies but you can revive your fire team friend after 30 seconds. Then there is the Defusing Splinter Mines which you have to defend. Once you defend and defuse the Splinter Mines the waves are complete and you start another and third wave of defusing Splinter Mines.  This is only the first round of the Prison of Elders Arena. Then you open another area of the Arena. Thus the three waves starts again. The waves can be any of the fractions of Destiny, Fallen, Hive, Cabal or Vex. The defend points can change and entail an important target which is an enemy target specified within the Arena area but includes checkpoints which need to be reached. This is very similar to a public event which an eliminate target is the key focus.

Destiny Nugget: The objectives which come within waves are similar to the objectives that need to be completed within Daily Events.

The Prison of Elders Arenas last five rounds. They are tough, as expected.

At least you get to start from the completed wave/round you expired from. Even though the Bungie fire team did not complete the experience, the experience is complete-able. That is what we need to know. There is an end to the game. All you need to know is that you just need master the end of the game.

Additional inspection:

There are a total of eight modifiers. Some additional ones are Brawler mode, which increase melee damage, Catapult Mode which increases your grenade recharge rate and some classics modifiers such as juggler and light switch. Basically modifiers make you switch up your weapons and tactics to complete the end game.

The Prison of Elders is no Raid. Let me rephrase that. The Prison of Elders is sort of a three man Raid but more of grind than a quest. Basically a regular strike on steroids but a little much more. The minions are plenty and the bosses take tons of damage and pretty much an end boss which sits and watches this all only to show up at the end and requires a beat down also.

Once you have defeated everything, you are treated to a wealth of treasures within Destiny. Although random, the gifts you receive are well worth the time spent to gather them.

Destiny Nugget: The level 35 Arena has six rounds to it unlike the lever 28, level 32, level 34 Arenas which are 5 rounds.


A List of New Modifiers in House of Wolves Prison of Elders

  • Grounded: Players take more damage while in the air.
  • Small Arms: Primary weapon damaged is doubled.
  • Catapult: Grenade recharge speed is greatly increased.
  • Small Arms: Primary weapon damage is doubled.
  • Exposed: Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.
  • Brawler: Guardian melee damage is increased by 300%
  • Trickle: Abilities charge significantly slower.
  • Airborne: Players deal more damage while in the air.
  • Specialist: (suspect) Possibly special weapon damage is doubled.

The Reveal in Detail from Bungie:

Well there is more much more to come. Stay tuned to Gamer.Ninja for more on the House of Wolves and Prison of Elders.

Gamer.Ninja Staff


Inside Trials of Osiris – Destiny

Inside Trials of Osiris – Destiny

Gamer.Ninja takes you further into the depths of the House of Wolves expansion by detailing the new Destiny PVP addition, Trails of Osiris.

House of Wolevs Release Date is May 19th, 2015

Destiny Nugget:  Trials of Osiris will take place on the same map each week. You will play the same map each week until the weekly reset. Closest to the pin will win the match though, if the match was to time out.

This week at Bungie they revealed some insider detail into the newest addition of PVP, the Trails of Osiris.

You begin Trials of Osiris by visiting Brother Vance to get a Trials Passage which is your scorecard within the weekly event.


Trials of Osiris is an End Game activity. You will need to assemble your own fire team.

Destiny Nugget: Trials of Osiris will last from Friday to the weekly reset on the following Tuesday.

Basically to advance within the Trails of Osiris you will need to ascend your Trials Passage card with a total of 9 wins but not exceeding a total of 3 or more losses. If you exceed a total of 3 or more losses you will have to turn in your Trials Passage card to Brother Vance for a new card and start over. You can do this as many times as you want.


Destiny Nugget: The Trials Passage card is located in your inventory of you character.

When You Win in Trials of Osiris

As you win you unlock different tiers of rewards. As you ascend within the ranks of the Trials of Osiris you will get something cool. To be exact, as you win you gain Trials Rewards which gives you the chance to gain new gear and weapons. Stone Tier is the first, then bronze, then silver and the gold. When you reach the fifth and seventh tiers there is a piece of gear or weapon that will become available.

Trials Supplies

Trials Supplies, which are known as Mercy of Osiris, are Destiny consumables which can be purchased with Passage coins which can drop from the daily PVP activity or just random drops from PVP after the release of House of Wolves. There are three different stacks of coins which can give you a forgive a loss, free win or give you a bonus win on your first try. You can use all of these coins on their own or all three at the same time.

The Trials of Osiris is a PVP event that is designed for those who are really into the Destiny PVP experience. Many know that Destiny and PVP does take some dedication and skill. PVP used to be something any Destiny gamer could come forwards in within a few hours but since its inception, Destiny Crucible has become something that now takes gamers time and experience to master.

Once you pass the two minute mark there is a target which you can capture to win that map. Finding this will give you a win when it comes to that match. Matches can last upwards of 15-20 minutes..

Destiny Nugget: You can get updated gear, weapons and emblems by completing Trials of Osiris matches as random drops.

LOL Destiny Nugget: Crucible design lead Lars Bakken – Target all your aggression towards this individual.

Here is a look into the Activity Rewards after a Trials of Osiris match ends:


The Trials of Osiris is pretty much the Iron Banner on steroids. It allows you to complete the Destiny End Game and gain an advantage with upgrading in armor and weapons. It is not easy nor is it hard. It is just Destiny Crucible and PVP. It’s as easy as you make it or as hard as you make it.

Destiny Nugget: If you back out of a match it will count as a loss within your Trials Passage card.

Join in and win. The Trials of Osiris is an extension of the Destiny’s End Game and you will want to play it!

Gamer.Ninja Staff