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Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for your Xbox One

Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One

Gamer.Ninja offers an inside look into the Hauppauge and Microsoft Reveal of the new Over-the-Air TV Digital Tuner for U.S. and Canada Xbox One Users. The Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for your Xbox One.

It was revealed on May 20th, 2015 that there is now a new way to view live and local TV on your Xbox One. The device is called the Digital TV tuner for Xbox One Hauppauge:


TV and Xbox One has been becoming a larger market over the past year. With on-demand apps such as HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central  and Live TV apps such as Sling TV, TWC TV, Verizon FiOS and ESPN. Not to mention gamers who the ability to integrate any cable or satellite service with Xbox One. It’s a no brainer that live and local digital TV services/networks would come into the picture. Well it has and now gamers can tie into local digital TV networks and view them on their Xbox Ones with help from Hauppauge.

Hauppauge is well known throughout the industry for just what it is delivering to Xbox One user. Hauppauge has been making little devices for years now that takes a coaxial cable feed and transform it into USB readable data. The latest release is Hauppauge allowing a digital coaxial cable to enter the likes of your Xbox One to allow gamers the ability to view localized digital network work transmissions. Pretty cool huh?

The incentive for gamers, who do not have cable or satellite TV options, is you can now tie your digital antenna feed into your Xbox One and view local channels within the US or Canada. All you have to do now is Snap and you can watch your favorite local TV channels as you game your heart away.


Things You Will Need

Besides the Hauppauge tuner is a good digital TV antenna. Any digital TV signal you can reach out for will feed right into your Xbox One. The better the antenna means more channels for gamers to view locally.

The Big Positives

The flips side to all this is you can now turn your Xbox One into a TiVo for favorite local and live channels. The Xbox One will now grant you the ability to pause up to 30 minutes of live local TV and watch this feed and recorded TV via Snap when gaming. Gamers will also have the ability to stream this media throughout your home network using the Xbox App or any Windows 10 devices. Additionally, you can also stream this media via the SmartGlass app on any mobile device such as Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android mobile device even when someone else is utilizing the Xbox One. You can also change channels remotely via the OneGuide even if a gamer is playing a gamer of his/hers choice without interruption of the game.

Thing to Watch for

Before you purchase a Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One will need to find out what local digital TV signals you can get. The easiest way to do this is by visiting This website will tell in detail what you would be getting if you were to purchase the new Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One.

What does it Cost

The local digital feed is free. The Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One will set you back about $99.99 from the Microsoft Store. If you purchase the Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One through the Microsoft Store it will include a Mohu Leaf 50 digital antenna. The tuner itself is offered through the Microsoft store and Amazon for $59.99.


Basically, the Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One is for the gamer who does not have access to satellite or cable TV. This day and age you would think that this is impossible. Seriously, gamers are tech savvy. Given the plethora of On-Demand media apps offered online and the many streaming options tech savvy gamers have, traditional satellite and cable services are almost rendered useless. We want more media for less or for nothing. A tech savvy gamer can spending under $20.00 a month and get as much as traditional satellite and cable providers provide for around $60-$90 per month. Now this is a no-brainer.

Check out the new Hauppauge Digital TV tuner for your Xbox One if you are into gaming and watching media on you Xbox One. You might just find something you always wanted but could not have.


Gamer.Ninja Staff


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Reveal

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Reveal – Gamer.Ninja

Gamer.Ninja offers an inside look into the latest The Witcher release.  The latest release is Witcher 2 – Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt comes out on 05/19/2015.


You can get an Xbox One edition which is called the Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition on Xbox One. Major Nelson explains:

The Witcher 3 is a deep and dense RPG edition of the Witcher series. It offers an open world gaming experience. It offers a huge open world gaming experience. Bigger than any other Witcher experience. The gaming world you experience is filled with fields plugged with foliage and townships where people are striving to get by. With a dawn to dusk cycle and weather to boot, The Witcher 3 offers a realistic real world experience for gamers. The mini-map is going to be key for you to navigate throughout the world. The world is huge and full of purpose.

The main story of Witcher 3 does offer some initial lackluster. Although it offers some potential for greatness, ultimately it lacks compared to the previous Witcher releases. You start out looking for Yennifer and Ciri. Geralt basically just runs quests to find these individuals. Geralt’s objective is to complete quests to gain information about the whereabouts of Yennifer and Ciri.

The highest accolade of The Witcher 3 is given to the actors who gave great voice contributes and dialogue during the gameplay. The downside to this would be having the execution of a role-play become something simple and less-complex than what I was expecting. The tradeoff, being something simple such as a meaningless fetch quest. The tasks requested are so simple that it makes it hard to journey on within the quest.

Witcher 3 Note: Ciri is more or less a complete stranger until the last quarter of the journey, which makes it more difficult when it comes to finding here than the game is focused on me finding here.

Witcher 3 gets everything right when you venture off the beaten path. You will see familiar faces in Witcher 3 that you know from Witcher 2. Assassination plots, underground turf wars, over triangles, and unexpected alliances are all part of these optional romps. You will feel that theses should be part of the main story. Aside from the side-quests, monster layers and bandit camps.

Witcher 3 Nugget: The best way to generate currency is to kill Foglets in the thick smog.

Your role within The Witcher 3 will help shape the land being destroyed by war. You decisions decided within the game will have a dramatic outplay within the endgame. Any decision within the game can have a dramatic impact in the final outcome. Keep this in mind throughout the game.

To progress within Witcher 3 is more complex than previous editions. Although a more superior than in Witcher 2, Witcher 3 offers better ways to restock, re-potion and use oils. You also get to have interesting potions, greatly enhanced mounted combat and the ability to cast spells.

The signs have been improved across to board, making them viable within every fight. You can now build a sign-focused Geralt. You will be able to re-send crossbow bolts back to the sender as a perk with Witcher 3. The new Skill System offered allows gamers the ability to craft new and huge armor and weapons that are still rewarding.

The real-time combat of Witcher 3 is responsive. Jump me is the analogy focused within the gameplay of Witcher 3. Come on and Jump Me so I can ascend upon them and complete my quest.

The Witcher 3 is an excellent RPG and combat game. We recommend this game and recommend our viewers here at Gamer.Ninja to try it out!


Gamer.Ninja Staff

House of Wolves-Destiny Exposed in Detail

House of Wolves-Destiny Exposed in Detail

The New Expansion of Destiny is coming soon -The Hunt Begins on May 19th, 2015- and Gamer.Ninja Helps you Navigate Through It


We will lead off saying Destiny is, by far, one of the best games to come around in a long time. We have not been posting about Destiny because we have been playing it way too much.

The social aspect of the game is huge. A social aspect which no other game has produced in this fashion. With that being said, we move forward.

Bungie’s Destiny has brought gaming, in general, to a new level. It has brought new life to an industry that has been slightly stagnant for some time. The way you gather goods, the way you level up and the way you advance within your character has been defined in such a way that only the word "proprietary" would be the best way to describe the experience of Destiny. Bungie owns this game and delivers gamers a great user experience.

Destiny, for us here at Gamer.Ninja, has been an awesome game to play thus far. The Destiny Vault of Glass Raid was an experience that grew so many online-gamer friendships it's not even funny. Then Crota came to town and many gamers called in sick to work so they could become the first to beat his essence and existence. Seriously, this was happening. This would be the big picture. The lessor picture would be the grind. Destiny has put forth a grind like no other video game has. Amazingly, the purpose behind the grind is not to just level up (at least for us) but to gain the weapons we so desire. As of this point, I am still missing a third Black Hammer for one of my characters. I am playing Crota on easy like mad to gain this weapon. Funny huh?

OK, now that we have sped up to the future, here comith the House of Wolves. We will strife right towards the Raid. The Raid is everything when it comes to Destiny. Without the Raid you would not be able to advance to the highest level. To master the Raid is something that is second to none. If you master the raid you are seriously a Pro. Wither it is running the relic, toting the sword or just blasting off Gally shots, you feel as if you are part of it. LOL, the Gallihorn. That is a subject on its own. All my characters finally own one to each. The strive and struggles of Destiny are one’s own internal anguish and reward.

OK, the House of Wolves:

Biggest bomb would be that there is no new Raid. No Raid? Why?

 At this time, and timestamp, there is only pure speculation on what Bungie and Destiny are going to offer the general masses. Some online have made up their own distinction based upon here say and lore. So, we here at Gamer.Ninja will try and do the same. The House of Wolves (we will call it an update) Update will bring some new advancement(s). If there is anything we have learned so far about Destiny’s development crew (David "Deej" Dagueis) is that they side on caution with the game verses surrendering to the masses. Bungie is in it to win it, not in it to just bring up the next update. This is why we, Gamer.Ninja staff, have huge respect for the development team behind Destiny over at Bungie. Yes, Halo was great, but Destiny is better.

The House of Wolves release is something we feel is going to be bigger and better with adding in some much needed storyline that the masses have demanded. The VOG was a master plan, Crota was a ‘get us through this’, but House of Wolves will be the delay worth waiting for, we hope. The trailer:

The House of Wolves appears to have more storyline within it than the Crota saga ever had. This is what the community wanted and this is what the community gets. Community and social have been the two huge aspects that the masses have wanted, besides the masses wanting a new long and winding Raid attached.But!! No new Raid in House of Wolves? Bungie has this to offer:

"House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill – a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders" Click Here

So, when it comes to the ‘insider’ or the leakage of the great, we here at Gamer.Ninja say “Just wait dude!”. Just wait. The developers have it handled and are learning each and every day what we, the gamers, want. This is something that has been lost with many other games but do we believe that Deej is for real on this one becasue he is listening. Not much detail, virtually none, in this post but we are watching and waiting and as soon as more factual data is leaked we plan on bringing it to. So far Bungie has this to say:

"The Reef will open to all Guardians, and you will join the allies of the Queen to destroy the traitorous Fallen from the House of Wolves. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be pulling the wraps off of all the new activities, modes, events, and gear you’ll have access to. Stay tuned to see exactly where your legend is headed next." Click Here

More to come on the House of Wolves!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Advanced Warfare Limited Editions

Advanced Warfare Limited Editions

Call of Duty's Advanced Warfare releases its latest limited editions

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Limited Editions are already hitting the market. The two which have cropped up at the top so far are the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle and the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox One controller.

Prevail with the Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wireless Controller, featuring a custom design inspired by Sentinel Task Force iconography

  • The greatest gamepad – now even better
  • More immersive, more precise, more comfortable
  • Limited quantities available


The Limited Edition Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle boasts a huge 1 terra byte harddrive and other exclusive features:

Get the massive 1TB hard drive, custom console, controller and Limited Edition exoskeleton, plus Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition

  • The most advanced multiplayer powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance
  • Snap a game, live TV, and apps side-by-side, and switch quickly between them
  • Does not include Kinect
  • Limited quantities available


Call of Duty is second to none and the early limited editions are certainly rolling out for the offering. Stay tuned to Gamer.Ninja for the future exclusive releases of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.


Gamer.Ninja Staff

Changing Gamertag Xbox One

Changing Your Gamertag on the Xbox One

Did you create an Xbox Live account with a hastily thought up Gamertag? Millions have and Xbox Live allows anyone now to changer their Gamertag whenever they feel like it or want to.

Do you own an Xbox One and want to change your Gamertag? Allow Gamer.Ninja help you by showing you how.

Changing your Gamertag is easy. It only takes moments and is actually free to do so once within 30 days of opening your Live account. After 30 days there is a small fee to change your Gamertag on Xbox Live. The following will help those who want to change their Gamertag using the Xbox One gaming console. Just follow along and you will have a new Gamertag assigned to your Xbox One Live account within minutes.

Step One

One the Home Screen of the Xbox One select your profile:


Step Two

Then select “My profile” from the menu on the left which is in the green area:


Step Three

Now from the middle gray menu select “Set gamertag”:


Step Four

Now select the Gamertag you wish to change:


Step Five

Now input your new Xbox One Live Gamertag:


Step Six

Now confirm your new Xbox Live Gamertag by selecting “Sounds good” to confirm your new Gamertag:


Step Seven

Once you see the Gamertag you inputted is now on your account you can select “Close”:


That is it. You now have a new Gamertag within your Xbox Live account and can play online multiplayer with a brand new handle. Select wisely but also know that you can now change your Gamertag at any time but it may cost you a few bucks the next time. We hope this helps you and please leave a comment if it does help you or does not. Also, if you are having issues changing your Gamertag and want further assistance please feel free to join our online gaming forums and post a thread and one of our community members will help you fix whatever problem you are having.

Good luck gaming!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle

Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle


Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle. Who is Madden is what many who play this game may ask.

The Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle release date is on August 26th 2014.

Many who play this game may ask who Madden is. John Madden is an NFL announcing icon from many decades past and is the voice to many of Thanks Giving. Oh, yeah. They made a football video gaming surrounding him also.


Most gamers buying into Madden 15 from EA Sports have no clue who John Madden even is. Well, Madden 15 gives no reason for those wondering who this person is to even give a second thought. Just play it and he will come.

Madden 15 from EA Sports is another episode in the football realistic gaming addition many love to play, mainly in the off the season, because of its realistic game play and real life perspective portrayed. Many NFL players partake in this virtual pastime thus giving it its unworldly like gaming prestige stature.


OK, let’s not forget we are talking about an Xbox One bundle here. The Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle includes, but limited to, the following:

  • Your very own Xbox One console.
  • An Included downloadable copy of Madden 15
  • Token for 3 Ultimate Team Pro Packs, useful for recruiting Gold, Elite, and Legendary Players
  • An Xbox One controller.

There it is folks. Good old John Madden is making another comeback in round 15 on August 26th, 2014. Buy up Madden 15 and it will come.

Maybe an eight legged turkey will come your way this November also!


Gamer.Ninja Staff

XO Seven Headset Review

XO Seven Headset Review

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Premium Xbox One Gaming Headset


The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Headset for Xbox One is a premium headset for gamers alike. It allows gamers on the Xbox One gaming console to independently use a headset without the drawbacks of previous headsets from the Xbox 360 or other Xbox One headsets.

The biggest feature of the XO Seven is the fact it does not require batteries. This is huge for a wireless headset. Not requiring batteries allows the gamer to play on and on. No recharging or replacing of batteries. The second huge feature of the XO Seven is that being wireless it does not require any audio wires to run back to the console. The headset is entirely controlled and powered through the controller.

When talking about the controller with Xbox One you will think of the headset adapter being needed. It certainly is still needed but with the XO Seven it is included. So this will save the gamer money when looking into a headset.  Currently the adaptor retails around the $24.00 mark.

Overall this headset is a godsend to any Gamer Ninja. The only drawback we can tag to this headset model is that it is slightly on the heavier side. It feels comfortable but it weighs in at a heavy scale than one would like. Not too bad but it is heavy on the head.

The bonus items would include a detachable microphone, a detachable emergency connection wire so active gamers will not break the connection wire and interchangeable ear covers which do something I have no clue at this time about.

Gamer.Ninja rates this headset at a 9.9 out of 10 stars.

In our opinion it is a must buy!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Destiny Xbox One Beta Released

Destiny Xbox One Beta Released

Bungie offers Xbox One users a last minute surprise.


Xbox One users can start playing Destiny right now. On 7/22/2014 game developer Bungie announced that they would allow the release of their beta version of the new game Destiny a whole day earlier for Xbox One users.

Destiny is a role-play based game that translates into a sci-fi first person shooter game. The graphics of the game are stunning on the Xbox One and Destiny truly is to become one of the most downloaded games on the Xbox Live network.

Thanks to Xbox Team member Larry Hryb, we are able here at Gamer.Ninja to provide our visitors with some “DestinyTheGame” Beta codes:


So as many download the Beta version and start to play us here at Gamer.Ninja would like to hear from you. How is the game play? What are the graphics like?

We want to hear from you. Join us at Gamer.Ninja and comment about your Xbox One Destiny experiences. We hope to hear from you.

Thank and have fun gaming tonight!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

August Xbox One Update

August Xbox One Update | Gamer Ninja




August Xbox One Update. Gamer.Ninja has an exclusive preview of the next latest August 2014 update for the Xbox One. Major changes are in play and will blow most users minds, to an extent.


The next, latest August Xbox One Update user update to the Xbox One gaming platform will add some needed features and allow gamers to connect more and more mobile based options. Becoming more social is the major aspect but the new Xbox One update as includes enabling 3D Blue Ray and mobile purchases. Here is a short list of what Microsoft is planning to include in the August Xbox One update:

  • ·         Expanding Friends Area on the Home page.
  • ·         Low Battery Notifications
  • ·         Activity Feeds Updates
  • ·         Disabling Notification during Video
  • ·         Enabling Blue Ray 3/D
  • ·         Last Seen Time in Friends List

Adding new ways to connect to friends in the new Xbox One activity feed will start the focus. Changing into a single column interface with scrolling list will allow users to add more content and it becoming longer. You can now post text your feed and like and comment on feed items. Sharing game clips also becomes possible along with anything else in the feed with your friends. You can choose either publically or private. When anyone chooses to share your comments or items or likes you this will also be displayed. Each user will now get a personal feed on their profile so users can monitor what their friends have been up to. SmartGlass will also be featured as it will allow you to what your friends have been up to and allow you to like specific posts.

Further expansion of Xbox One’s update will allow you to see right from Home what is going on with your friends. Expanding the area on your Home, stay up-to-date with your friends. Find out their current activity and top trending games they have played. Also included is a leaderboard to view who has been working the hardest on their Gamescores.

August Xbox One Update: Mobile purchases have been a high end request and Xbox is delivering. Via mobile you will now be able to purchase games and added content using Xbox Smartglass or The download starts ASAP and by the time you get to your console it will have been fully downloaded if your console is set to automatically take updates.

Some other aspects of the August Xbox One update are being notified if your Xbox One controller battery is low. Disabling notifications during video. Enabling the option of 3/D Blue Ray. OneGuide is now for Live TV listings allowing for an OneGuide issue reporter and troubleshooting section. Now your friends list will in the Xbox Feedback how long it has been since a friend has been online. It will show up to the minute.

Here is a clip that tells it all:

These are a very few of the features which will be updated in August 2014. Stay tuned to Gamer.Ninja to find out the latest and greatest on the August Xbox One Update features.

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Cheapest Xbox One Console

Cheapest Xbox One Console

Buying the Cheapest Xbox One Console

When buying an Xbox One console one factor comes in mind. What is the cheapest way to buy your Xbox One console and what are the best deals possible?

First thing t do is search the Google. Searching offers anyone the best option when finding the cheapest Xbox One deal possible. Instantly anyone will find that the cheapest Xbox One retails at $399.00. This is due to the industry setting a standard price on a single product. If you find a new Xbox One without the Kinect option please email us at and we will make you a honorary Gamer.Ninja expert.

Edit: At they have the console for sale at $359.00

  • 8-core x86 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Blu-ray capabilities

Next lowest is at Sam’s Club:

Sam's Club Lowest Price Xbox

for $389.00


·         500GB Hard Drive

·         Wireless Controller

·         Chat Headset

·         Power Supply

·         Wireless networking capability

Note: this item does NOT include a Kinect sensor.

Xbox One brings together the best exclusive games, the most advanced multiplayer, and entertainment experiences you won't find anywhere else. Play games like Titanfall and Halo together with your friends on a network powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance. Find new challengers who fit your skill and style with Smart Match, which uses intelligent algorithms to bring the right players together. Turn your best game moments into personalized movies that you can share with friends, or broadcast your gameplay live. Then switch quickly between apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Internet Explorer. Or do two things at once by snapping a game, live TV, a movie or apps side-by-side.


The best exclusive games, the most advanced multiplayer, and unique entertainment experiences

Play games like Titanfall and Halo on a network powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance

The most advanced multiplayer on Xbox Live with Smart Match to find new challengers

Snap a game, live TV, and apps side-by-side, and switch quickly between them.

Xbox One Bundle Prices

The nest best thing to buying a console cheap is to buy it as a package deal. This includes buying the console with extra games or accessories at the retail price tag. Walmart and Bestbuy are the best targets to focus on when bundling your Xbox One at the best possible price. Look for bundling the Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold packages or the overall console.

The main thing any gamer would look to next is the deals which come along with buying an Xbox One. The deals make buying a new console a positive experience. Some of the best deals can be found at the following websites at the time this article was created:

The main thing is that you do your research prior to buying a new console and you will find the best price at that time. Prices change daily. No one website or online source can score you the best price at the time of your purchase. We can steer you in the right direction but things change overnight.

Be diligent in your purchasing and be satisfied in your purchase.

As Gamer.Ninja is privy to the cheapest buying sources for your gaming pleasures we will certainly provide what we find for our viewers.

Good luck and please let us know the cheapest finds for gaming you have found and we will share them throughout the industry.