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Wolfenstein The New Order

Wolfenstein The New Order Review

Labor camps still exist and the Nazis won the war.


Wolfenstein The New Order is a first person based shooter game set in a world as if the Nazi’s had won World War Two. The idea behind the campaign of The New Order is that the Nazi’s rule everything and it is up to only a few to stop them and change the direction which the world turns. The Nazi regime has taken the remaining civilians throughout the world who do not comply with The New Order and put them to work within the various labor camps to make munitions and other stuff the Nazi’s need. It is up to only a few to save them and restore order.


Wolfenstein The New Order. In comes the main character of the storyline, William J Blazkowicz. Blazkowicz is a true to the heart Nazi killer who joins a small group of Nazi resistance fighters and sets out to eradicate the Nazi party entirely. The game allows the player to advance via upgrades throughout the game fairly evenly and quickly. The layout also allows players a nice open and roomy feel and sweep through the labor camps, underground bunkers and compounds. As the game plays out you will find yourself needing to regenerate your weapons and health. The weapons run on battery power and recharging is a must. This can become very tedious as it does take several seconds when you’re taking on the heat of the enemy. It will take everything you can find to take down the large opponents within Wolfenstein The New Order and we mean every last bit of ammo and health.

Wolfenstein The New Order is nothing over the top and although some may find the gameplay slightly cheesy, in my opinion there are certain aspects of the game which make up for it. The sewers and tunnels areas/scenes are slightly boring but again, there are other parts which make up for these bla, bla parts. Some parts are plan funny and even slightly on the dumb side but the action and storyline in the end wave high over the blunder and lack luster plunder.


Wolfenstein The New Order is a good and stead first person shooter based game and those looking for another good game to add to their library will not be disappointed.

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Gaming Bloggers Wanted

Gaming Bloggers Wanted

Do you want to become a gaming industry blogger or staffer?


Currently Gamer.Ninja is looking for some high quality gaming individuals to join our staff as bloggers.

Individuals who apply need to be fluent in the at least one of the major gaming platforms.

  • Xbox One
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  • 3DS
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  • PC Gaming

Gamer.Ninja is looking for bloggers to allow editors status within our serious gaming website. This would be a great addition to a resume or just a great way to appeal to the masses.

As our website rapidly grows we need experienced gamers to help fill the void of content. At this time only notoriety is the compensation but as the website grows and those who stand out grow, compensation will be delegated.

Serious gamers need to reply.  We are doing alright but want to add one or two more editors to our staff. Please reply and details and login information will be provided.

You be allowed access to within our website and given your own blog and access to behind the scenes. Staffs that help us out from the beginning will be given first opportunity when our sponsors start to come onboard. Gamer.Ninja is looking for staff of any level.

Help us start the best online gaming website and become an insider in the gaming industry.

You will not be disappointed. This is a serious gaming website and one with major potential.

Please send all inquiries to

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Gamer.Ninja Staff

Welcome to Gamer Ninja

Welcome to Gamer.Ninja | Covering the Next Generation and Latest Gaming Technologies


Welcome to Gamer Ninja. We here at Gamer Ninja want to offer our website visitors the best online, web experience possible related to gaming and the gaming industry.

At Gamer.Ninja we would like to become the number one online resource related to video and PC gaming.

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