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ScorpBot Twitch-Beam Chat Application

New or old or streamer, the ScorpBot chat bot is a multi-cast streaming chat bot to look into.

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Twitch Elite – EnragedCinema

Twitch Elite – EnragedCinema

Gamer.Ninja offers its viewers a glimpse into the world of Twitch. Twitch is a gaming stream which compels to no other. You want to see the latest of gaming, look to no other than Twitch.TV.

We here at Gamer.Ninja watch gaming streaming while composing out online content. It helps us think and we get ideas and insiders knowledge watching some of the best in gaming. One of the Twitch channels we watch is non-other than EnragedCinema. EnragedCinema goes by the user name of Prodigy.

Main thing is his Twitch feed: Click Here or EnragedCinema Subscribe Link: Click here

Prodigy is a gamer dedicated to the game of Destiny. He has played almost (if not every day) day since Destiny was launched by its Beta


Were here at Gamer.Ninja really enjoy EnragedCinema aka Prodigy. He brings us great music and great gaming which we enjoy.

EnragedCinema also offers some great commentary with his games. This what is needed with streamers. Besides his great commentary, EnragedCinema also brings advanced detail to his Twitch streaming page. He also explains on how he gets the arena he has to bring his streaming to the masses:

We here at Gamer.Ninja encourage you to subscribe to EnragedCinema by clicking here


EnragedCinema has been the featured streamer on Gamer.Ninja since we feature the Twitch FEATURED TWITCH CHANNEL last month. We plan to keep him on the tip until we get another option which will comprise his position.

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