Advanced Warfare | Call of Duty

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Release November 2014
Advanced Warfare | Call of Duty
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Advanced Warfare | Call of Duty

The latest from Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty | Advanced Warfare




Sledgehammer will be releasing the latest edition of the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare, this fall on 11/4/14. This release is truly to become another epic series in the Call of Duty camp of games. What is next? What can be done? Is buying this game worth it?

Well as many would suspect and guess, it is worth it. We would like to say this will be the best but until play time has been had not much can be said other than watching the trailers such as the following:


The game setting is certainly different as to the previous tones of the Call of Duty releases but possibly a new arena of gaming avenues for COD is being set. Modern and past has been the focus for previous releases and now COD is going into the “what if” realm. What if terrorists attack and who, other than the United States Military, will be present and foremost to thwart the advances of these terrorists. The possible brilliance of this campaign will be set on a presence that many of the world’s nuclear plants are the sole target and a facetious organization/company is in place to defend where nations are unable. The main character of the campaign is non-other than House of Cards, a Netfix series, star/actor Kevin Spacey. Kevin plays the role of the overbearing head of an international private corporation named Atlas who is a governmental contracted military firm poised to offer direct action in the event of military need.

Hey, they needed something and maybe they found the correct thing to focus on?

The overall theme of Advanced Warfare will be:

With nations brought to their knees by a global terrorist attack, the world turns to Atlas, the largest private military company on the planet. Power, though, changes everything.

All we can do as gamers is what and see. As far as Advanced Warfare revolutionizing the gaming industry above just being a new release will remain to be seen. As of this point is just a new story line and certainly nothing like we got when Modern Warfare 2 was released. When MW2 was released it changed gaming and the gaming industry. All we as gamers can do is wait for the next best thing and maybe Advanced Warfare will it. Let’s hope for some awesome advancements and something which wants gamers to play and follow and believe.

The release date for Advance Warfare is November 14th, 2014.

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