Advanced Warfare Easter Eggs

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Easter Eggs


The latest edition of Call of Duty will be Advanced Warfare. Its release will be on November 4, 2014. It will include some Easter Eggs and the biggest Easter Egg so far would be the release of its online Multiplayer game play.

We here at Gamer.Ninja will be monitoring the advancement of the C.O.D. Advance Warfare and the Easter Eggs offered within the game.

Easter Eggs have always been offered in Call of Duty games and Gamer.Ninja will bring you the latest Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Easter Egg offerings.

Easter Eggs are a huge part of a game’s release. In the past, Call of Duty has offered some huge Easter Eggs within its games. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare should be no exception.

Stay tuned as the Easter Eggs are released for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.


Gamer.Ninja Staff