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Advanced Warfare Maps

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Maps Reveal

Advanced Warfare Maps


The other reveal today at Gamescom was the reveal of four of the maps included in Advanced Warfare Multiplayer edition. The maps are more advanced than ever before. From tsunami title waves to biohazard, the maps revealed today offer gamers some very interesting areas to game in. Complicated to say the least, the revealed four maps offer some very tough obstacles to overcome.

The latest revealed Advanced Warfare Maps for Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare exclusively are:



Set in Monument Valley, this map will encompass the advancements of the jumper. Jumping is going to be a huge part of Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare and this map will fulfill the thirst of boost jumping.



Riot offers the setting of a burned out prison set in Bagdad. Bombed out, this map will offer a similar situation that previous Call of Duty prison maps have offered.



Offers a space elevator terminal experiences to the gamer. Many expansions and crevices are offered for camping and sniping but many areas also encompass the run and gunner.



Set in San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, this map offers more than just an ordinary map would offer. The biggest thing about this map is it offers its players a mid-game tsunami to flavor things up. The title wave encourages the boost jump feature this multiplayer game offers and if you know the San-Francisco area well, mainly the Golden Gate Bridge area, you will have an advantage when playing this map.

OK, this was a quick rundown of the reveal of Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare Maps. There is much more to come and please come back to Gamer.Ninja to find out the latest with Call of Duty and Advanced Warfare Maps.

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