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Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal


Today at Gamescom in Cologne Germany Activision and Sledgehammer Games offered an insider view of the Call of Duty series Advanced Warfare and its online multiplayer offerings. The main theme throughout the reveal was “You Play Your Way”. Customization is pinnacle within Advanced Warfare Multiplayer and customizing everything from your load-out to your player is going to be had.

The initial announcement was about the addition of the EXO Movements and Abilities. The addition of “EXO” is just this. EXO involves the exoskeleton of the player and encompasses such things as the Boost Jump, Boost Slide and Boost Slam. It will also involve three options of hover, cloak and shield and the addition of the threat grenade.

The next thing on the list was Supply Drops. XP will still exist but you will also get advantages of adding in character gear, reinforcements and weapon loot.

Weapon Loot:

Gamers will be able to modify their bare weapons beyond anything like in the past. There will be more available add-ons than in any other release of Call of Duty.

Character Gear:

AW will offer a new charter system overall. Customizing your player within Advanced Warfare Multiplayer will be more engaging than ever before. From weapons down to eye glasses, customization is going to be a huge part of your player and character.


Reinforcements with Advanced Warfare offers the gamer new perks and score streaks. This will help the new and noob player bigtime and offer beginners a better chance overall at winning matches.

The next big thing released was the advancement in Supply Drops. Basically this translates into the more you play, the more you receive. At this point Sledgehammer went into Pick 13 and it being way better than Pick 10 from Black Ops II. If you recall Pick 10, then you will understand Pick 13 and it being much better. It involves customizable score streaks, option add-ons and even the advent of a rocket controlled turret.

The next biggest announcement was the integration of Co-op Scorestreaks. Basically two players can collaborate and work together to earn Scorestreaks. Scorestreaks are very close to Killstreaks and all you have to do is just imagine working together on Killstreaks with another player. Basically you can work in collaboration with another player to ear Scorestreaks and dominate a match.

Virtual Firing Range:

Here at Gamer.Ninja, we believe the coolest reveal of Gamescom 2014 and Advanced Warfare Multiplayer will be the addition of the Virtual Shooting Range. If there is any major advancement within the Call of Duty Multiplayer series, this will be it. It stands out as one of those “Why Did They Not Think of This Before” ideas. You basically get to pre-try you load-out before you actually get into the multiplayer match. Once you select your best load-out, you are given the option of going into your own private shooting range to test out your load-out against real action targets. This is cool and an idea which makes perfect sense. You can try out your load-out prior to entering a match. This is huge. This is a major breakthrough. One breakthrough that will be sure to be a hit in Gamer.Ninja’s opinion.


Create-An-Operator offers fine tuning of a player down to the very smallest detail. Basically this allows the gamer to create his/hers won player down to the color of hair and stance. From the EXOskeletons to Boosts, you can create a player that is almost identical to your own self. It is almost scary how detailed your player can become.

Virtual Lobby:

The second most innovative design within Advanced Warfare would be the advent of the Virtual Lobby. Basically is makes the lobby time wait a little more interesting. As you wait to gain access to a match the Virtual Lobby will allow the gamer to virtually view their opponents. Up and down and side to side, you can view what you about to go up against. From armor to load-outs, you can view what you opponents are going to unleash on you even before entering the next match. This is not just going to be a release of gamer stats. This will be a release of everything including the underwear.

Advanced Warfare offers both a competitive and social feel within the gameplay. The additions of the above show us some major breakthroughs in what gamers are asking for.

The next release in the Gamer.Ninja offerings surrounding the Advanced Warfare multiplayer edition will be the secrete reveal and the maps revealed for Advanced Warfare and what they will be offering.

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