Advanced Warfare Resolution

Resolution Up in the Air but 60 FPS Secured


The resolution of Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare is still a mystery but sources state the frame rate will be 60 frames per second.

"So we're 60 frames a second all the way. We are not talking about the – we're still waiting for announcements to come out in terms of where we're at with the resolutions, but I can tell you that the three year development title that we've had, working with everyone involved to make sure that we're getting it right… we're still optimizing the game, but even with where we're at right now, we're really happy. We're ahead of where we were last year, and we still have time, we still have a couple of months to go."

60 frames per second is a major increase and will significantly increase the quality with visualization of gameplay within Advanced Warfare over previous Call of Duty releases. We are assuming this will translate over to online multiplayer but are uncertain at this time. Many gamers know that higher resolutions and increased frame rates do not translate into better online gameplay but the effects of these advancement will help the industry focus on the overall quality of online multiplayer gaming. If not, players will vent and developers will have to listen.

Straight up, low resolution, tube style monitors and high internet speeds are where many like to game at as far as response times and dominating any given online multiplayer match. It does take time to feed images into a viewable source especially at 60 frames per minute. The resolution lag looms as a possible gaming issue but increased internet speeds help crunch this gaming curve.

Either way, Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare is sure to be a huge increase in viewer quality over previous releases. It is still poised to be an epic release and one which Gamer.Ninja is waiting for.

Gamer.Ninja Staff