Easily Reach 5500 Glory – Destiny 2 Competitive Crucible

A PVP build that helps get to 5500 Glory score in Destiny 2’s Competitive PVP?

Destiny 2’s Armor 2.0 Arc Soul PVP Comp Build

There haven’t been many reviews on this particular build since Armor 2.0 has come out, nor have many streamers or YouTubers been promoting a D2 PVP build such as this. That said, this build can carry anyone who is remotely good at D2 PVP to the Triumph of 50 wins at Glory rank 5500.

The key behind this build being Armor 2.0, it’s effect with ability cooldowns, 100% discipline, and how they relate when using the exotic Getaway Artist Gauntlets, combined with using bottom tree Stromcaller. I also feel they buffed Arc Soul or possibly the Dynamic Duo perk of the Getaway Artist since Shadowkeep has come out, but I have not searched the patch notes for this.


Destiny 2 Arc Soul Comp PVP Build


The idea behind this build is having an active Arc Soul up 99% of the time during a given match. After the PVP match starts, and right before the first engagement with other players, you consume your grenade. Presuming you do not die, the Dynamic Duo Arc Soul lasts until you clear the first wave of players. With 100% Discipline, just about the time Arc Soul runs out, your grenade regen is almost back to 100%. For those times where you find your grenade still on cooldown, using the Warlock class ability rift then provides Arc Soul, while the perk Distribution on your class item helps to cool down your grenade even quicker.

Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 Arc Soul PVP Comp Build Details

This build favors Competitive PVP and is perfect for someone looking to get to 5500 Glory in the solo queue, which is not the best PVP player. I was able to use this build to get to Glory rank 5500 within hours, and it helped me complete the achievement in season 8 of 50 wins at Glory rank 5500 in record time.

Basics of the Armor 2.0 Arc Soul Competitive PVP Build


Getaway Artist Gauntlets Logo


  • Warlock
  • Bottom Tree Storm Caller
  • Getaway Artist Gauntlets
  • 100% Discipline


Base stats of GamerNinja’s current loadout:

  • Mobility: 46
  • Resilience: 58
  • Recovery: 39 (but in the 40s depending on which gear piece I have on)
  • Discipline: 105
  • Intellect: 35
  • Strength: 27

Recovery is somewhat the meta currently, but when using this build along with a sniper rifle, favoring Resilience is recommended. In the end, this would depend on what your current Armor 2.0 gear’s stats favor.

YouTuber Apathettic goes over a very similar build with his Competitive Warlock Build Guide

However, Apathettic uses Chaos Reach for his super. For our Destiny 2 Comp PVP build review, we are recommending to use Bottom Tree Storm Caller because of the additional ability to call up Arc Soul when using your healing or empowered rift. The bottom tree Storm Caller allows players to almost get a true 100% Arc Soul throughout any match when used with the Getaway Artist exotic gauntlets.

Apathettic does offer up some great options for your weapon loadout, namely using the Crimson hand cannon and a shotgun. You could even tie in a sniper such as the Beloved with the Crimson.


Getaway Artist Exotic Gauntlets

The primary component of this build is the Getaway Artist exotic gauntlets. The Getaway Artist exotic gauntlets have the Exotic Intrinsic armor perk called Dynamic Duo. Dynamic Duo allows a player to continue to hold their grenade button to convert their Arc Grenade into a supercharged Arc Soul, which functions as an autonomous turret.


Armor 2.0 Getaway Artist Gauntlets Specs Void


Default Collections Specs on the Arc Getaway Artist Gauntlets


Weapon 2.0 Gear Mods

My gear mods are pretty standard and favor the weapons I am using at the time.

I flip around the mods on my class item to support my loadout, but I prefer a Void bond with Distribution and Remote Connection since I primarily use a sniper. Even with intellect at 35, I noticed I am always the first one to get my super.

Which Grenades are Best with Arc Soul

Grenades: Storm or Pulse

Once you get used to this build, Grenades do not matter all that much since you never really use them once you get your muscle memory into the habit of making sure to consume them for the Arc Soul.

Weapons to Complement the Armor 2.0 Arc Soul Comp PVP Build

The main idea of this build is above, but we also wanted to include my top choice of weapons.

The Destiny 2 weapons GamerNinja uses in Competitive PVP Crucible are not entirely meta.

GamerNinja’s Competitive PVP Weapons of Choice

Primary: Revoker
Energy: Not Forgotten
Power: Truth

Arc Soul complements hand canons very nicely because the Arc Soul adds so much to the damage output while you are firing. You will pretty much win any 1v1 hand cannon battle if Arc Soul is active. Amazingly, Arc Soul also actually helps with snipers.

When in a close-range battle with a sniper, Arc Soul helps weakens the charging player, allowing you to “one-shot” them in the toe. Another good option for a sniper would be the Izanagi’s Burden.

Other solid Comp PVP Weapons worth mentioning include

  • Crimson hand cannon
  • Bygones Attack Pulse Rifle
  • Sacred Provenance Attack Pulse Rifle
  • The Wizened Rebuke Attack Fusion Rifle
  • Randy’s Throwing Knife Attack Scout Rifle

Maximizing Your Armor 2.0 Arc Soul Competitive PVP Build

Having Arc Soul up almost 99% of a Crucible PVP Comp match skyrocketed my ELO score and especially improved KDA. With Arc Soul, your assists jump through the roof.

Seasonal artifact mods may contribute to this build, but from our testing, we only saw a benefit of quicker abilities cool down.

The current Seasonal Mods include:

  • Arc Battery
  • Thunder Coil
  • Unstoppable Melee

Further testing could be had with this build and seasonal mods.

Additionally, you may find the bottom tree Stromcaller at first as a disappointing super. Once you effectively begin to learn how to use Landfall properly (activate above players), you will find this super to be very useful. It will not last as long as the top tree Stormcaller will; once you wrap yourself around the bottom tree Stormcaller, it will slowly become your favorite super to use in Destiny 2 Competitive Crucible.

Have Fun in the Crucible