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The August 2014 Xbox One Update is On its Way has an exclusive preview of the next latest August 2014 update for the Xbox One. Significant changes are in play and could have the potential of blowing away our minds.

As stated in August 2014 Xbox One console update by TechCrunch, the next August Xbox One Update user update for the next-generation Xbox One gaming platform will add some needed features and allow gamers to connect more and more mobile-based options.

Microsoft’s main goal with the Xbox One console is for it to become “more social” across the board, connecting its users to each others, such as friends to friends, and family member to family member. 

A shortlist of what Microsoft is planning to include in the August 2014 Xbox One console software update:

  • Expanding Friends Area on the Home page.
  • Low Battery Notifications
  • Activity Feeds Updates
  • Disabling Notification during Video
  • Enabling Blue Ray 3/D
  • Last Seen Time in Friends List

Adding new ways to connect to friends in the new Xbox One activity feed will start the focus. Changing into a single column interface with a scrolling list will allow users to add more content, and it is becoming longer. You can now post text your feed and like and comment on feed items. Sharing game clips also become possible along with anything else in the pasture with your friends. You can choose either publically or privately. When anyone wants to share your comments or items or likes you, this will also be displayed. Each user will now get a personal feed on their profile so users can monitor what their friends have been up to. SmartGlass will also be featured as it will allow you to what your friends have been up to and allow you to like specific posts.

Further expansion of Xbox One’s update will allow you to see right from Home what is going on with your friends. Expanding the area on your Home, stay up-to-date with your friends. Find out their current activity and top trending games they have played. Also included is a leaderboard to view who has been working the hardest on their game scores.

August Xbox One Update: Mobile purchases have been a high-end request, and Xbox is delivering. Via mobile, you will now be able to purchase games and added content using Xbox Smartglass or The download starts ASAP, and by the time you get to your console, it will have been fully downloaded if your console is set to make updates automatically.

Some other aspects of the August Xbox One update are being notified if your Xbox One controller battery is low. They are disabling notifications during the video and enabling the option of 3/D Blue Ray. OneGuide is now for Live TV listings allowing for an OneGuide issue reporter and troubleshooting section. Now your friend’s list will show in the Xbox Feedback how long it has been since a friend has been online, or offline. 

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, reviews updates coming in August with Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering team.

We only covered a few of the key features coming to Xbox Live and Xbox One this August 2014. Please be sure to stay tuned to where we will share all the insider details of August’s update and all other Xbox console updates to come.

Check back for more of the latest and greatest on the August Xbox One Update features.

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