Changing Gamertag Xbox One

Changing Gamertag Xbox One
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Changing Your Gamertag on the Xbox One

Did you create an Xbox Live account with a hastily thought up Gamertag? Millions have and Xbox Live allows anyone now to changer their Gamertag whenever they feel like it or want to.

Do you own an Xbox One and want to change your Gamertag? Allow Gamer.Ninja help you by showing you how.

Changing your Gamertag is easy. It only takes moments and is actually free to do so once within 30 days of opening your Live account. After 30 days there is a small fee to change your Gamertag on Xbox Live. The following will help those who want to change their Gamertag using the Xbox One gaming console. Just follow along and you will have a new Gamertag assigned to your Xbox One Live account within minutes.

Step One

One the Home Screen of the Xbox One select your profile:


Step Two

Then select “My profile” from the menu on the left which is in the green area:


Step Three

Now from the middle gray menu select “Set gamertag”:


Step Four

Now select the Gamertag you wish to change:


Step Five

Now input your new Xbox One Live Gamertag:


Step Six

Now confirm your new Xbox Live Gamertag by selecting “Sounds good” to confirm your new Gamertag:


Step Seven

Once you see the Gamertag you inputted is now on your account you can select “Close”:


That is it. You now have a new Gamertag within your Xbox Live account and can play online multiplayer with a brand new handle. Select wisely but also know that you can now change your Gamertag at any time but it may cost you a few bucks the next time. We hope this helps you and please leave a comment if it does help you or does not. Also, if you are having issues changing your Gamertag and want further assistance please feel free to join our online gaming forums and post a thread and one of our community members will help you fix whatever problem you are having.

Good luck gaming!

Gamer.Ninja Staff

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