Chat Command List – GamerNinja

GamerNinja’s Chat Command List

The following commands that can be used in GamerNinja’s stream chat. 

!gtGamerNinja's Xbox gamertag
!setupSpecs and details about GamerNinja's streaming setup
!scheduleGamerNinja's streaming schedule details
!websiteGamerNinja's personal website
!joinDetails on how to join GamerNinja in game
!crewGamerNinja's GTA crew details
!raiderRaid details (Mod only)
!uptimeHow long GamerNinja has been streaming this session
!soShout out for a specific streamer (Mod only)
!highlightHighlights a chat message (Mod only)
!stealSteal points from another viewer
!weatherGet the local weather report for a specific city or town
!meaningGet the meaning of any word via the Urban dictionary
!commandsShows a list of user chat commands
!gamerscoreDisplays a viewers Xbox Live account gamerscore
!leaderboardShows the users who have the highest number of points
!boostsRetrieves information on the boosts and point boosts available
!pointsShows the number of points a specific user has
!buyboostPurchases a point boost, which can later be upgraded, but cannot be downgraded
!giveTransfers some points from the sender to another user
!boostRetrieves a user's current point boost and expiry date
!pingSends "pong" to confirm the bot is online and working
!giveawayDetails on on any active giveaway going on at the time
!quoteRandom quotes from GamerNinja
!addquoteAdds a quote to the quote list (Mod only)
!rankGet your rank in GamerNinja's channel
!clearClears a specific users messages from the chat (Mod only)
!statusThe current game GamrNinja is playing
!streaminfoGive viewers general info about GamerNinja's stream and chat