Day Zero Edition Advanced Warfare

Day Zero Edition offers Preorder buyers a great advantage.


It allows you 24 hour earlier access and to be the first to fight!

Basically if you preorder Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare and get the Day Zero Edition you will get the following:

  • You will get Advanced Warfare one day earlier than anyone else
  • You will get double XP for that day
  • Your will get two custom weapons
  • You will get Advanced Arsenal

The Day Zero Edition of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare offers the gamer a huge advantage and will bring those who preorder Advanced Warfare a hug leap on many other players who wait to purchase Advanced Warfare.

If you are a gamer looking to get ahead of your rivals, this Day Zero Edition will be your best friend. Buy it and play it on either Xbox or Playstation and you will not be disappointed. The graphics of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare are second to none. The customization of Advanced Warfare is the first of its kind with multiplayer online gaming. This Call of Duty release is marked to be the best of the entire catalog. Preorder it and get a bonus Easter Egg of playing it a day earlier plus many other perks included.

Preorder details are to be announced but this is sure to be a huge marketing tactic of Call of Duty and one which will have huge repercussions throughout the gaming industry.

The Day Zero Edition will truly become an epic anthology within the Call of Duty release sagas.

Preorder and get on top of everyone else.

Gamer.Ninja Staff