Latest Destiny 2 Stasis Subclass Nerf

The team at Bungie has passed yet another nerf/change, a new sub-class within their flagship first-person shooter, Destiny.

Stasis Subclass in Destiny 2 Receives Nerf Details

Bungie released an update (hotfix today (06/03/2021) for their first-person shooter game, Destiny 2. Today’s update addresses a list of issues with the new Beyond Light sub-class called Stasis. Stasis was a sub-class released last fall and is a DLC exclusive sub-class of Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Public Areas

Destiny’s open-world activities within its latest DLC, Beyond Light, received a few tweaks. Lost Sectors Scavenger’s Den (on the EDZ) and The Empty Tank (on the Tangled Shore) received changes. The Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector received a new “energy barrier,” preventing players from completely bypassing all encounters of the Lost Sector on both Legendary and Master difficulties. The Empty Tank Lost Sector had its loot-drop mechanic corrected and now will award players the proper Exotic gear, like other Lost Sectors.

Vault of Glass Raid1

1) Armor mods awarded to players from Raid chests will not show up within their collections tab.

2) The ability to kill the Vault of Glass Raid boss, Atheon, uses the Hunter’s Void tether to connect to Atheon and the enemy Supplicants. After killing one or all of the Supplicants this would cause Atheon to also easily die without the proper Raid boss end game fight. 

3) Bungie fixed a scenario where players could teleport inside the Venus portal and damage Atheon to lower his health, causing VOG’s boss encounter to finish much more effortless and sooner than intended.