House of Wolves-Destiny Exposed in Detail

The new House of Wolves expansion of Destiny is coming soon

The Hunt Begins on May 19th, 2015- and Gamer Ninja Helps you Navigate Through It

House of Wolves Destiny Gamer Ninja

House of Wolves for Destiny brought to you by Gamer Ninja

We will lead off saying Destiny is, by far, one of the best games to come around in a long time. We have not been posting about Destiny because we have been playing it way too much.

The social aspect of the game is enormous. A social point that no other game has produced in this fashion. With that being said, we move forward.

How Destiny Is Growing in House of Wolves

Bungie’s Destiny has brought gaming, in general, to a new level. It has brought new life to an industry that has been slightly stagnant for some time. The way you gather goods, the way you level up, and the way you advance within your character has been defined in such a way that only the word “proprietary” would be the best way to describe the experience of Destiny. Bungie owns this game and delivers gamers an excellent user experience.

House of Wolves and Gamer Ninja

Destiny, for us here at Gamer Ninja, has been an awesome game to play thus far. The Destiny Vault of Glass Raid was an experience that grew so many online-gamer friendships; it’s not even funny. Then Crota came to town, and many gamers called in sick to work so they could become the first to beat his essence and existence. Seriously, this was happening. This would be the big picture. The lessor picture would be the grind. Destiny has put forth a grind as no other video game has. Amazingly, the purpose behind the grind is not to just level up (at least for us) but to gain the weapons we so desire. As of this point, I am still missing a third Black Hammer for one of my characters. I am playing Crota on easy like mad to gain this weapon. Funny huh?

House of Wolves and the Mighty Gjallarhorn

OK, now that we have sped up to the future, here cometh the House of Wolves. We will continue strife right towards the Raid. The Raid is everything when it comes to Destiny. Without the Raid you would not be able to advance to the highest level. To master the Raid is second to none. If you master the Raid, you are seriously a Pro. Wither it is running the relic, toting the sword, or just blasting off Gally shots; you feel as if you are part of it. LOL, the Gjallarhorn. That is a subject on its own. All my characters finally own one to each. They strive, and struggles of Destiny are one’s personal internal anguish and reward.

OK, the House of Wolves

The biggest bomb would be that there is no new Raid. No Raid? Why?

At this time, and timestamp, there is only pure speculation on what Bungie and Destiny are going to offer the general masses. Some online have made up their distinction based upon here say and lore. So, we here at Gamer Ninja will try and do the same. The House of Wolves (we will call it an update) Update will bring some new advancement(s). If there is anything we have learned so far about Destiny’s development crew (David “Deej” Dagueis), is that the side on caution with the game versus surrendering to the masses. Bungie is in it to win it, not in it to just bring up the next update. This is why we, Gamer Ninja staff, have massive respect for the development team behind Destiny over at Bungie. Yes, Halo was great, but Destiny is better.

House of Wolves and Its Storyline

The House of Wolves release is something we feel is going to be bigger and better with adding in some much-needed storyline that the masses have demanded. The VOG was a master plan, Crota was a ‘get us through this,’ but House of Wolves will be the delay worth waiting for, we hope. The trailer:

The House of Wolves appears to have more storylines within it than the Crota saga ever had. This is what the community wanted, and this is what the community gets. Community and social have been the two huge aspects that the masses have wanted, besides the masses wanting a new long and winding Raid attached. But!! No new Raid in House of Wolves? Bungie has this to offer:

Gearing up fpr the House of Wolves, HoW will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill – a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders”

So, when it comes to the ‘insider’ or the leakage of the great, we here at Gamer Ninja says, “Just wait, dude!”. Just wait. The developers have it handled and are learning every day what we, the gamers, want. This is something that has been lost with many other games, but do we believe that Deej is for real on this one because he is listening. Not much detail, virtually none, in this post, but we are watching and waiting, and as soon as more factual data is leaked, we plan on bringing it to. So far Bungie has this to say in a House of Wolves Reveal:

“The Reef will open to all Guardians, and you will join the allies of the Queen to destroy the traitorous Fallen from the House of Wolves. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be pulling the wraps off of all the new activities, modes, events, and gear you’ll have access to. Stay tuned to see exactly where your legend is headed next.”

More to come on the House of Wolves!

Gamer.Ninja Staff