Destiny Sparrow Racing League Mode is Coming

Destiny is now offering sparrow racing leagues within the Taken King expansion.
Destiny Sparrow Racing League Mode is Coming
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Destiny Sparrow Racing is Coming


Many have asked for this and many have been waiting. Destiny sparrow racing is coming 12/8/2015 to the Taken King.

It was announced on 12/5/2015 that Destiny will be getting a new game mode. Destiny Sparrow Racing Leagues are coming to the Taken King.

The only fact at this time is that this game mode is confirmed and that you will need to own the Taken King to be able to participate in the leagues. This has been a game mode that many have requested and many have been waiting for. Word is that is only coming to the PS4 gaming platform but more details are to coming.

The racing will include the planets Mars and Venus. The new game mode will allow you to win new sparrows and gear. You will need to own the new Destiny expansion The Taken King to joining on the racing. The idea was inspired by a self-proclaimed league that had already been racing sparrows within the game areas previously.

More information and details will be released as soon as later today.

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