Details of Dr DisRespect'S First Week Live Streaming on YouTube

  • August 6th, 2020
    • Doc’s YouTube channel goes live without any appearance by him.
  • August 7, 2020
  • August 8th
    • Doc goes live in the person for the first time on YouTube
    • Announces two days only, a limited edition Alleyways Tee in Champion Club website
  • August 10th
    • Doc plays Rogue Company
    • Propositions Rogue Company to allow him to design a mao
    • Rogue Company responds giving Doc 24 hours to design a map
  • August 11th
    • Plays more Rogue Company
    • Focuses on his map concept for Rogue Company
  • August 12th
    • Doc plays Fall Guys for the first time.
    • Doc gets first arena win in Fall Guys
    • The most hilarious stream ever playing Fall Guy
  • August 14th 
    • PewDiePie late to co-stream with the Doc
    • Doc and PewDiePie spend thirty minutes figuring out Discord
    • Doc and PewDiePie spend another thirty minutes figuring out Steam invites
    • Doc and PewDiePie play Fall Guy in the Ultimate YouTube standoff

Dr DisRespect is Back and Live Streaming on YouTube

The Doc is Bigger, Stronger and Even Better Than He Has Ever Been

Acclaimed Battle Royale Arena Champion live streamer and professional gamer Dr DisRespect returned to live streaming last week via his new platform at YouTube. His comeback has certainly been a week to remember. In only seven to eight days, the Doc has created so much news, buzz, content, and industry “shakeup”, it’s been difficult keeping up with all that has been going on.

Gamer Ninja has taken all of our content over the past week related to the Doc and summed it up into one source. We include pages of handwritten notes, recordings, thoughts, reactions, and yes, a few of our own opinions on the Doc’s return.

The following is everything our team obtained over the past week on the elite YouTube Live Streamer, Dr DisRespect, AKA, “Doc,” AKA, “The Doc” and the sudden chain of events skyrocketed him back into the public eye and people’s hearts.

Champions Club Garage Dr DisRespect Space Ship Gamer Ninja

Through the Storm, the Future is Wideopen, and Life Is Good

A message from the Editor

Gamer Ninja promotes and supports the ethics of “good journalism.” In the absence of fact(s), we feel there is no place within our content for speculation, rumors, internet-based theories, or conspiracies. 

The following focuses on facts but includes additional dialog by its author. We do not feel the following should be considered as an opinion piece, rather an article documenting his return, along with its impact and significance. 

We decided not to include recent events involving Dr DisRespect’s, not because Gamer Ninja is attempting to limit or suppress information from their readers’. Simply put, our team does not have enough facts on the reason behind why the Doc decided to move to YouTube.

Everyone Now Knows Who Dr DisRespect Is

Unless you live in a remote area of Montana, and your best video gaming experience involves an Atari 2600 and Space Invaders, by now everyone who uses or searches YouTube, and Google for that matter, for news and content would know who Dr DisRespect is. If you do not know who he is, we highly suggest investigating the DrDisRespect YouTube Channel 

Dr DisRespect is one the most, if not the most, entertaining live-streaming celebrities to date, video game-related or not. He returned to the internet this past week and can now be found on the YouTube streaming platform. Describe Doc the best; he is to the online video gaming world what Keeping Up with the Kardashians is to the 18 to 49 years of age female demographic.

Dr DisRespect Live on YouTube Streaming First Time Gamer Ninja

Could Doc Be Considered the Howard Stern of Live Streaming?

Putting this into perspective; he could be given the title of Howard Stern of the gaming and live streaming industry. More so than not, his content is misunderstood and taken wrongfully, again for little to no reason. Even Doc’s peers, along with some of those who are above him, have been dishing more DisRespect and “shade” towards the Two-Time, DisRespect king has brought their way

For one reason or another, Dr DisRespect seems to get a “bad rap” for little or no reason. Hundreds attempt to impersonate him every year. His potential is vastly underestimated. He has no problem going against the grain and is well known to be heard mocking his industry. Let’s not forget when the Doc performed a hilarious, but outlandish stunt at one of the video gaming industry’s leading award ceremonies.

Doc certainly is no stranger to trouble or controversy. He is pretty solid at rotating his games often to maintain a fresh atmosphere and inviting. The Doc may yell, swear, use the tough guy approach, but what he does bring to the table every day are consistency, high energy, and uniqueness.

Taking a closer look over the past two years, what has the Doc actually done to offend anyone? The Doc never clearly violates any T.O.S.s or other site/service guidelines. Yes, part of what makes Dr DisRespect, Dr Disrespect, is controversy, but that is to be expected since that is what his millions of YouTube subscribers tune in to watch when he goes live.

Dr DisRespect Howard Stern Star In Private Parts 2 Featured By Gamer Ninja

Why the World Needs Someone Like Dr DisRespect

Envision a video game industry that required cartridges and joysticks as standard issue. 

With everything going on in the world today, COVID-19 to the U.S. economy, escaping for a few hours each day into Doc’s arena, and reality is the only thing many of his viewers have to get through these uncertain times. The format he has created makes his streams/shows timeless.

When a subscriber/follower/viewer receives that notification, the Doc just went live; their day just got better. His following knows what to expect when tuning in and being a great entertainer; the Doc delivers day in and day out.

If a person is going through a very rough period, possibly the most turbulent time they ever had in their lives, and maybe hasn’t smiled or laughed in weeks or longer, content like this can turn around anyone’s day. If perhaps only a brief moment, anyone, gaming guru to grandma Karen, this is a perfect example of what the Doc does to make the world a better place for everyone.

Dr DisRespect Has One of His Top All-Time Funniest Moments in Live Streaming Playing Fall Guys

Gamer Ninja Plays Fall Guy the Game Dr DisRespect

The History Behind the Two-Time, 1993, and 1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion?

Dr. DisRespect’s first public performance uploaded on January 12, 2010, on YouTube

Dr DisRespect’s first full-featured video upload February 7, 2010, on YouTube

Ninja Shrowd Dr DisRespect E3 Video Gaming News

Dr DisRespect’s Return to Live Streaming Was a Major Event

Unmistakably, and underscored by some, The Doc’s followers, and viewers greatly missed him during his month-long hiatus. So much, that according to the live streaming analytics of Social Blade, during the past seven days alone, his YouTube channel went from 1.77 million to over 2.6 million subscribers.

The Tremendous Statistics from the Past Several Days on Doc’s YouTube Channel

Dr DisRespect YouTube States Over the Last Nine Days
DateSubscriber Increased ByVideo Views Increased byEstimated Daily Earnings
August 6, 2020180,0002,682,581$10,700
August 7, 2020230,0006,195,203$24,800
August 8, 202090,0002,055,748$8,200
August 9, 202050,0001,583,146$6,300
August 10, 202070,0001,718,735$6,900
August 11, 202030,0002,761,633$11,000
August 12, 202040,0001,098,455$4,400
August 13, 202040,0003,295,474$13,200
August 14, 202080,0002,965,541$11,900
Estimated Totals810,00024,356,516$97,400.00

During the first few weeks of August 2020, his video upload and previous live stream views increased by almost 30 million views. At times his live stream garnered over 150,000 viewers and maintained a concurrent 100,000 viewers throughout. 

During the last seven days, Dr DisRespect’s YouTube channel came in 10th in the Top 500 YouTubers. This is not only for the gaming category but throughout YouTube in all categories.

The Doctor came back and his first-up at-bat was a home run, and he knocked the ball out of the park, straight out of center field.

Dr DisRespect Plays New Battle Royale Game Fall Guy Gamer Ninja

The Persona of Dr DisRespect

For those who have gotten to know the Doc. over the last several years, aside from being an elite, top shelf, professional gamer, he is also an astute and intellectual individual. He is calculated when it comes to his comments, actions, and on-air agendas, but the brilliance of Doc’s persona is its consistency. He has tunneled into something that many people enjoy viewing and want to be a part of.

Dr DisRespect’s online persona has been referred to as a “fighter pilot” character to something out of the Anime scene. The more accurate dissection of his persona would include a cross between Chuck Norris (movie years), Steven Seagal, and Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Terminator movie.

Dr DisRespect Plays Fall Guy Gamer Ninja

The Doc’s Allure to the Masses

The golden part to the allure and success of Doc’s personas unmistakably includes 8-bit microprocessors, late 1980’s, early 1990’s era video game, and pop culture that’s tied into his dialog’s backstory. The majority of his viewership probably hadn’t even been born yet to experience any of this. Here lies the genius behind it all and why his entertainment has not faded like many of the 80’s-90’s pop culture references he ravenously uses have.

Maybe the viewer lived through this period and can directly relate to the late ’80s, early 90’s persona is portraying? The Doc seems like the uncle everyone always dreamed of having. He would be that uncle who shows up once or twice a year, then make good on their promise to deliver a secret care package filled with fireworks, and Atari 2600, and a bowie knife with a compass built into the handle and a secret compartment filled with waterproof matches.

Twitch Awards 2018 Dr DisRespect Flip Phone Gamer Ninja

Summing Up Dr DisRespect’s Return to the Influencer Arena

Beyond the red and pink urban skyline, through the high-velocity action, and the long list of iconic and witty phrases, behind the exotic car, of course, is something extra special happening every day now on Youtube. His content is timeless, unique, and has brought so much enjoyment to so many over the years.

When the Doc goes live, and his stream starts, his epic persona is whatever the viewer wants, or even daydreams, it should be. No matter who you are or what status level you have obtained, Dr DisRespect is something everyone should treasure. All things, good or bad, come to an end beside the Doc.