Power Leveling Quickly to Soft Cap Destiny 2 Beyond Light

The updated and new max power level cap is 1250 and 1260 with Pinnacle gear.

The best ways to increase your Light level within Destiny 2’s Beyond Light DLC are still being found and perfected. As better and easier ways to level up in Destiny 2, Beyond Light, are uncovered, will update this page.

Use the following steps while leveling up quickly in Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt:

  • Level up (Masterwork) your ghost
  • Utilize XP buffs within your Season Artifact
  • Pick up any applicable bounties to complete
  • Utilize a fire team to increase the rate at which the activities are completed
  • Utilize any fireteam-related XP buffs available.
  • Use the below tactics and methods to increase gear and weapon scores in Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light.
  • Be sure to check your Postmaster from time to time to make sure it is not full and erasing gear and loot that you did not collect in game.

Your First Option to Level Up Quickly in Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt

Load into the Inverted Spire strike and make your way to the “Cross the Dig Site” area. This area is right after your Guardian drops into the circle area and fights Cabal and Vex (Repel All Attackers Area) while the circular floor rotates to allow you to boost across the spance into the cave set into the side of the mountain. After your Guardian enters the cave, fight through the Cabal, then jump down to the right to the platform just before you enter the dig site area the rotating drills.

Before you enter the dig site, you will clear the yellow bars and takedown and defeat the Wanted Cabal, Bracus Rulaitl. Once your fireteam defeats Bracus Rulaitl, your fireteam will need to jump off the side of the platform and die. This will reset your fireteam back to the “Repel All Attackers” area in the circle area, not having to defeat any enemies in the circle area. Repeat the process until the desired power/light level is achieved. As your fireteam completes this several times, it will become much easier and quicker.


Inverted Spire Steps to Level Up Easy in Beyond Light

The Best Ways to Level Up In Destiny 2, Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt

Your Second Option to Level Up Quickly in Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt

Widows Court Lost Sector in EDZ Trossland

This one is very simple and really easy. It is debatable the faster way to level your character in Beyond Light. Load into the Trossland area of the EDZ and go to the Widows Court Lost Sector, after you load in, the Lost Sector is located straight ahead and to the left.

Go in the Lost Sector and have your fireteam take down the boss, which is Wanted: Mazan, Lost Captain. Open the chest, be sure to kill all enemies, they also have a chance of dropping upgraded gear, then teleport back to the main load-in area in Trossland and repeat.

Easy Way to Level Up in Beyond Light Using Widows Court Lost Sector


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