Easiest Ways to Farm Polarized Fractaline in Season Nine of Destiny 2  Season of Dawn

Polarized Fractaline Overview

Polarized Fractaline is the seasonal currency within the ninth season, Season of Dawn, in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. They are used to increase the Resonance Rank, which allows players to unlock Season of Dawn obelisk enhancements.

Bungie has made it more challenging to obtain this season’s specific currency. In season eight, Vex Mind Components was the seasonal currency. Players had more than they could handle with plenty of Vex Mind Components dropping throughout the Vex Offensive and various other objectives players could do on the open-world part of the moon.


Resonance Rank Rewards

Resonance Rank Rewards are defines as:

Upgrade the Resonance Rank of an obelisk to access obelisk enhancements and additional rewards. Completing obelisk bounties and Sundial runs grants Seasonal currency, which you can redeem at any obelisk to raise its Resonance Rank.

What are Polarized Fractaline in Destiny 2?

Polarized Fractaline is the latest seasonal currency of Destiny 2, Season of Dawn. Players need Polarized Fractaline to unlock new weapons and mods during Season of Dawn. It will not be all that easy to come by, and Destiny 2 players are looking for ways to farm Polarized Fractaline.

They expire at the end of season nine and are defined within the game as Crystalline structures formed as a byproduct of the space-time continuum being disrupted. Used in exchange for time-lost weapon frames and increasing an obelisk’s Resonance Rank during season 9.


Tangled Shore Obelisk – Season Nine of Destiny 2 Season of Dawn


Most Common Ways to Farm Polarized Fractaline

The most common ways players are farming Polarized Fractaline, which are pretty obvious, are by completing obelisk bounties and running the new Seasonal Event, The Sundial Arena. Running The Sundial Arena will net players between 10 and 100 of them. Completing an obelisk weekly bounty will net you a Major Fractaline Harvest, which grants players 100.

Farming Season Nine Seasonal Triumphs

Much like the Menagerie back in Season Seven, players can also earn Polarized Fractaline by completing Season of Dawn activities and unlocking Season Nine triumphs. Completing a quarter of a Season of Dawn triumph will get you a Minor Fractaline Harvest, which is equal to 10, and completing a full Triumph will unlock 100.

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Farming Polarized Fractaine by Completing Randon Objective

At this time, the only other known way to obtain Polarized Fractaline in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is in the form of a “by chance” drop after Vanguard strikes, or, after a completed Gambit and Crucible match. Players have a potential of earning 100 Polarized Fractaline after the successful completion of

Vanguard strikes, Gambit, or Crucible matches. If you are playing popular matching making aspects of Destiny, you will have a slightly rare and random chance of Polarized Fractaline dropping after successful completion of the given Gambit or Crucible match or playlist Vanguard strike.

Final Overview | Easiest Ways to Farm Polarized Fractaline in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

We have covered the best ways to farm Polarized Fractaline as we now. These methods may change as the Season of Dawn continues, and if there are any changes, we will be sure to update those changes here on Gamer.ninja.

Bungie has made it more challenging to obtain seasonal currency, but never the less, good luck farming Polarized Fractaline.

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