Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One

Gamer Ninja offers an gaming product review and an inside look into the Hauppauge and Microsoft Reveal of the new Over-the-Air TV Digital Tuner for the U.S. and Canada Xbox One Users. The Hauppauge Digital T.V. Tuner for your Xbox One.

It was revealed on May 20th, 2015, that there is now a new way to view live and local T.V. on your Xbox One. The device is called the Digital T.V. tuner for Xbox One Hauppauge:


T.V. and Xbox One has been becoming a more substantial market over the past year. With on-demand apps such as HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central, and Live T.V. apps such as Sling T.V., TWC TV, Verizon FiOS, and ESPN. Not to mention gamers who the ability to integrate any cable or satellite service with Xbox One. It’s a no brainer that live and local digital T.V. services/networks would come into the picture. Well, it has, and now gamers can tie into local digital T.V. networks and view them on their Xbox Ones with help from Hauppauge.

Hauppauge is well known throughout the industry for just what it is delivering to Xbox One user. Hauppauge has been making little devices for years now that takes a coaxial cable feed and transform it into USB readable data. The latest release is Hauppauge allowing a digital coaxial cable to enter the likes of your Xbox One to allow gamers the ability to view localized digital network work transmissions. Pretty cool, huh?

The incentive for gamers, who do not have cable or satellite T.V. options, is you can now tie your digital antenna feed into your Xbox One and view local channels within the U.S. or Canada. All you have to do now is Snap, and you can watch your favorite local T.V. channels as you game your heart away.


Things You Will Need

Besides, the Hauppauge tuner is an excellent digital T.V. antenna. Any digital T.V. signal you can reach out for will feed right into your Xbox One. The better the antenna means more channels for gamers to view locally.

The Big Positives

The flips side to all this is you can now turn your Xbox One into a TiVo for favorite local and live channels. The Xbox One will now grant you the ability to pause up to 30 minutes of live local T.V. and watch this feed and recorded T.V. via Snap when gaming. Gamers will also have the ability to stream this media throughout your home network using the Xbox App or any Windows 10 devices. Additionally, you can also stream this media via the SmartGlass app on any mobile device such as Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android mobile devices even when someone else is utilizing the Xbox One. You can also change channels remotely via the OneGuide even if a gamer is playing a player of his/her choice without interruption of the game.

The thing to watch for

Before you purchase a Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One will need to find out what local digital T.V. signals you can get. The easiest way to do this is by visiting GoMohu.com http://gomohu.com/xbox/ This website will tell in detail what you would be getting if you were to purchase the new Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One.

What does it Cost

The local digital feed is free. The Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One will set you back about $99.99 from the Microsoft Store. If you purchase the Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One through the Microsoft Store, it will include a Mohu Leaf 50 digital antenna. The tuner itself is offered through the Microsoft Store and Amazon for $59.99.


The Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One is for the gamer who does not have access to satellite or cable T.V. This day and age; you would think that this is impossible. Seriously, players are tech-savvy. Given the plethora of On-Demand media, apps offered online, and the many streaming options tech-savvy gamers have, traditional satellite and cable services are almost rendered useless. We want more media for less or nothing. A tech-savvy gamer can spend under $20.00 a month and get as much as traditional satellite and cable providers provide for around $60-$90 per month. Now, this is a no-brainer.

Check out the new Hauppauge Digital T.V. tuner for your Xbox One if you are into gaming and watching media on your Xbox One. You might just find something you always wanted but could not have.

Gamer.Ninja Staff