Gamer Ninja Reviews Hellpoint a Game by Cradle Games

Hellpoint the Game Attributes

  • Respawn checkpoints in a complicated world
  • The loss of all currency on death unless you can retrieve it
  • Slow and methodical combat with light and heavy attacks
  • Challenging encounters punctuated by enormous boss fights

Hellpoint Platforms

Hellpoint is available on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Hellpoint’s elaborate sci-fi setting allows your character to extend past other popular games. Cradle Games releases its biggest debut during 2020, and this would be Hellpoint the game. Hellpoint is marketed as an intense action RPG that offers solo or online cooped modes. The game is set in an isolated space station called Irid Novo. A player is to face the Cosmic Gods and thwart their cryptic tail and storyline. Hellpoint is currently selling for $34.99 on Steam.

Hellpoint’s Announcement Trailer Video

Known Issues of Hellpoint 07/31/2020

Beta and Alpha Access Key Issues Resolved

  • If you bought Alpha or Beta access, players would have access to the full game. If you both Alpha/Beta and use a different platform then Steam, players should have received a second key for the platform they chose. If a player did not receive a second key from the platform they wanted, they should email [email protected].
  • All keys have been sent from [email protected] or [email protected], so make sure to check your spam folders.
  • If no email is found, contact CradleGames on discord or send an email to [email protected], and they will fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Multiplayer Online

Currently, the Multiplayer option is offline and not working. Hellpoint’s Multiplayer is predicted to be fixed and back online by 08/03/2020


Hellpoint’s In-Game Graphics and Design

Your character in Hellpoint starts as a clone located on a massive space station, who is left to fend for themselves against demonic beings and godlike figures. This is the basis of the entire plot, which leaves Hellpoint lacking based on it’s implied premise of being a sci-fi based Dark Souls of outer space.

Like the popular game Dark Souls, Hellpoint is set in a mystery that leads into dark and ominous settings in space. The visual effects of Hellpoint are incredibly stunning, which has gamers stopping and staring at its in-game visuals while playing. Hellpoint’s in-game color palette was well thought out and carefully chosen. The world’s design team did a great job capturing what they envisioned within their mind’s eye; unfortunately, Hellpoint’s storyline lacked this immediate attention. The colors they chose were specific to each location and allowed a visual aid to figure out where your character is during the game.

The game’s backstory and overall storyline lack thought through when it comes to communication and direction from the game’s monolog. Where the game’s developers did hit it right with Hellpoint was its in-game sounds and audio effects.

Hellpoint’s Game Premise Overview


Hellpoint Breach Portal Overview Gamer Ninja 1200x628

Hellpoint Breach Portal Overview


The Irid Novo space station is overrun by zombie type creatures, disfigured humanoids, knights, floating specters, beats, demons massive bosses, and many other odd creatures of the heavens. Irid Novo has opened a gateway to hell, and it is a player’s job to close it. 

Checkpoints called Breach Portals are placed across Hellpoint’s map. Players need to use a “synchronization” item to allow teleportation between the checkpoints. Deciding which “synchronization” item to unlock first to enable fast travel is essential to gameplay ease. Since there is no basic map of Irid Novo available, it is challenging to know which checkpoints to unlock, allowing players to connect back to previous areas if retracing steps is needed. Players need to obtain Axions from defeated enemies and place them into a Breach Portal to allow progression to be saved and to be able to fast travel to that Breach Portal.

Breach checkpoints also heal players and do not respawn enemies when visited. Breaches don’t refill your health but instead recharge it overtime, along with your Energy resources, by performing melee attacks. If a player is close enough to a Breach, its worth that player’s time to go back and regenerate their health and abilities.

What is that Black Hole thing? Hellpoint’s developers fall short on explaining what this feature does and how it impacts gameplay. It’s connected to the planetary clock in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, but nothing is ever explained as to what or how it works? A huge miss on the developer’s part with this.

Hellpoint’s Abilities and Gameplay Review


Hellpoint Character Game Play Abilities Review Gamer Ninja 1200x628

Hellpoint Character Game Play Abilities Review


Hellpoint’s gameplay takes a while to get used to. The initial gameplay feels overly floating at times and has an overall awkward feeling to it. Interacting with the enemies in Hellpoint can be difficult, as they seem to have the same target locking ability as your character does. Obtaining an edge while fighting poses the biggest problem, as your enemies can lock on to you. Given how other games similar to Hellpoint work, this will take some time getting used to.

When players die, they lose all of their experience points. It’s also worth noting that when a player dies, a ghost of their character spawns and proceeds to hunt them down. This altered spirit from hell will have whatever a player had equipped when they initially died, so players will want to keep this mind when confronting their ghosts.

Hellpoint’s character jumping ability would best be described as weird. Jumping large spaces is not an easy endeavor in Hellpoint. A player will most likely die more while jumping in Hellpoint than during actual combat. Platforming poses some real challenges for players. Unresponsive controls and unable to control your character while in the air are the two significant reasons Hellpoint scores low in the jumping ability category.

The first few levels are incredibly hard and challenging, mainly due to the learning curve of Hellpoint. Once this curve is mastered, the Hellpoint’s main boss fights become very easy to win. 

Leveling and Looting of Hellpoint

The progression and leveling systems of Hellpoint does provide a positive aspect of this game. A player upgrades their weapons at the terminals, but utilizing weapons during gameplay will also add to that weapon’s leveling. After using a weapon for a while, players will notice the unique abilities of that weapon starting to unlock.

Axions are also used to upgrade your abilities, including health, stamina, encumbrance, and other points that determine gear specifics and customizations.

Hellpoint’s PAX East Trailer Video

Weapons and Attacking of Hellpoint

The central premise of attacking in Hellpoint is to use your melee ability. Melee attacks are the way a character recharges their Energy ability. There are long-ranged weapons in the game, but melee attacking is the most potent damage that players can inflict on them. To find ranged weapons worth using, you need to level your character first, but once your character has unlocked the ability to fire long-range weapons, it will help the boss encounter immensely. 

Multiplayer and Co-op of Hellpoint

Hellpoint’s Co-op Trailer Video

Currently, Hellpoint supports a PVP environment and a split-screen cooperative option. The online cooperative of Hellpoint works by placing messages for the level you are presently playing, and other players can join you. This is pretty standard within the online gaming industry.

To activate Multiplayer PVP, a player needs to approach a Breach and choose the option within the Breach menu to join another player’s Breach. Currently, the choice is turned off. The Multiplayer feature in Hellpoint is disabled and schedule to be accessible on 08/03/2020 per its developers.

Hellpoint Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Hellpoint does posses quality creativeness, although most of the campaign feels as if you are sent into a repetitive vortex of what bad games release around continually. Even though there is a variety of enemies in Hellpoint, it feels like a player is always pitted against the same type of enemy over and over. 

Pit the above with a multitude of performance and other bug-related issues of Hellpoint, it is challenging to believe Hellpoint would be considered an AAA, fully functional game. From the framerate dropping concerns to the menu freezing issues, Hellpoint’s developers have their work cut out if they do not want their project to die a horrible death.

Our suggestion is to save yourself $34.99 and pass on Hellpoint at this time, possibly giving it a second look in three to six months. It’s simply not ready for mainstream production at this time.

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