Increasing Your Kill-Death Ratio | Call of Duty Ghosts Game Review

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Increase Your K-D | COD Ghosts

Gamer.Ninja offers Five Tips to Help Increase Your Kill-Death Ratio on Call of Duty Ghosts

Are you a gamer looking to increase your Kill/Death ratio on Call of Duty Ghosts? Would you like to have a K-D which stands out and is above average?


Well here at Gamer.Ninja we are going to run down five ways to increase your Kill Death ratio on COD Ghosts. You K/D on a mega multiplayer game such as Ghosts is a huge thing to many gamers. Increasing Your K-D can make or break you getting into clans and standing out in the ones you may already be in. Gaming is meant to be fun, but there are certain aspects of gaming that are meant to be competitive and your kill/death ratio would be one of those aspects. The higher the K-D the better the player is.

K-D Explained

As the editions of Call of Duty are released and gamers start playing them, it has become more and more important right from eh start to focus on your kill/death ratio. The kill/death ratio is just as it sound, it is the ratio which rates you performance based on how many kills you made against how many time you have died. Your K-D is accumulative and grows or slows the entire time you play the Multiplayer option of Call of Duty Ghosts. K-D comes down to the higher amount of kills you make verses how many times you have died. The outcome will dictate what your K-D will be. You kill/death ratio is displayed to all you encounter while playing COD Ghosts in multiplayer mode. In short, the idea is to kill more and die less. This would be the basic idea behind how your kill/death ratio plays out.

So, how does one increase their kill/death ratio?

No pun intended, there is no real magic bullet to increasing your K-D in Call of Duty Ghosts, but there are some ways a gamer can increase their K-D if it is suffering. Remember, if K-D is important to you the idea is to start from the “start” with K-D in mind. It is much easier to start a new game focusing on your K-D than it is trying to increase it from a mid-gameplay point. In-short, if you have many hours, possibly hundreds of hours, dedicated into a particular game it will be much more difficult to change a poor K-D than if K-D was the focus from the start when starting to play the game. But, if you are one of those who suffer from very poor K-D in Call of Duty Ghosts, all is not lost and we plan on helping those in this predicament.

Gamer.Ninja offers five ways to help increase your K-D when playing multiplayer Call of Duty Ghosts.

  1. The first thing here at Gamer.Ninja we can suggest to increase your K-D is to focus on increasing your K-D. If K-D means this much to you, you need to make sure you are focusing your efforts on increasing your K-D, not just complaining about it or not doing anything about it at all.
  2. Try to understand what you’re doing wrong during your gameplay that is causing you to die more than kill. Is it frustration? Is it your gaming situation surrounding you? If you have a frustrating situation surrounding you when playing, this could play a major role in how you’re K-D will play out.
  3. Internet connection and network connection is point of focus. If you are diehard gamer and headstrong on getting your K-D up, make sure your internet and overall network connection is structured for gaming. Is your internet connection fast enough? Is your network structured for gaming or for everyday use? Are you using a WiFi connection during gaming or using a wired Ethernet connection during gaming? Dig into this and you will find that it does play a major role in how your gameplay plays out.  
  4. Play in a clan or group. Playing in a clan or group will help you increased your K-D because you are going into gameplay with people who want you’re to win. They will help you win via input and feedback during the gameplay. Playing in a clan or group actually makes game play much more fun and we feel also translates into better overall gameplay. Playing with your fellow clan members or friends does help those playing increase their gameplay overall because a given person feels they have an obligation to win when in a group verses by themselves. The biggest factor thought is the input you get from your fellow player that can help you during gameplay.
  5. Straight Up Call of Duty: The fifth and the best way we suggest to help increase your K-D is to switch your gameplay to Hardcore mode. A person who suffers from a poor K-D will find themselves suffering from this because of many hours getting killed in regular gameplay mode on Call of Duty Ghosts. It may take a couple matches to get used to Hardcore mode but in the end the gamer who switches will start to see a more balanced death to kill ratio than when playing non-Hardcore gameplay in COD Ghosts.

There are certainly many other ways a player can focus on to increase their K-D when playing Call of Duty Ghosts, but we feel the above ways are the Top Five. If your kill/death ratio means a ton to you, the best way to increase your K-D is to focus on it. It is staggering how many complain about their K-D but do absolutely nothing about. We are talking millions. It takes those who want to increase their K-D to actually increase their K-D. Millions of gamers complain about K-D, but very few actually do anything about it. Hopefully the above article helps some of those suffering from poor K-D increase their odds and increases their Kill/Death ratio.

Please share with us here at Gamer.Ninja your thoughts on how to increase you K-D in Call of Duty Ghosts. We want to hear from you and appreciate your input.

Gamer.Ninja Staff

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