Tips to help improve your Call of Duty Modern Warfare K/D Ratio




Are you a gamer looking to increase your Kill/Death ratio on Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Would you like to have a K-D that is above average and is above average? 


Read this entire article and you will find ways to improve your COD KD. 


We are going to run down many ways to increase your Kill Death ratio on COD Modern Warfare. KD on a mega multiplayer game like Call of Duty means the world to many gamers. A player’s K/D can make or break them getting into a clan or other groups of highly skilled COD players. 


Our first tip is a big one. A high KD comes with many hours of practice and trial and error. The biggest killer of a players KD comes when they find themselves frustrated that things are not improving as fast as they would like. When a player finds themselves overly frustrated, it’s almost best to take a break and remove yourself from the game.


Stopping the game all together is an option, but sometimes trying out a new game or going back to an old one is just what a player needs to get back in the gamer saddle again. After a week long break from a game like Call of Duty Modern Warfare can make a world of difference and a player comes back, they are almost guaranteed to play much better initially than they had been playing when they left off. 


Gaming is meant to be fun, but even though certain aspects of gaming are intended to be competitive. The most competitive gamers are still having fun even when performing at high levels. Letting the game come naturally will do a person wonders than trying to force perfection within a frustrating situation.




As the editions of Call of Duty are released, and right when gamers start playing them, it has become critical right from the beginning to focus on your kill/death ratio. The kill/death ratio is just as it sounds; it is the ratio which rates your performance based on how many kills you made against how many times you have died.


A player’s KD is accumulative and grows or slows over time they play the. A positive KD boils down a higher amount of kills a player has canceling out how many times they have died.


Today, thanks to game API, your real-time kill/death ratio is displayed for all a player  encounters to see. To increase a player’s KD, they need to kill more and die less. This would be the basic idea behind how your kill/death ratio plays out. 




No pun intended, there is no real magic bullet to increasing your K-D in Call of Duty, but there are some ways a gamer can increase their K-D if it is suffering. Remember, if K-D is essential to you, the idea is to start from the “start” with K-D in mind. It is much easier to start a new game focusing on your K-D than it is trying to increase it from a mid-gameplay point. In-short, if you have many hours, possibly hundreds of hours, dedicated to a particular game, it will be much more challenging to change a poor K-D than if K-D was the focus from the start when starting to play the game. But, if you are one of those who suffer from very poor K-D in Call of Duty Ghosts, all is not lost, and we plan on helping those in this predicament.




  • Make sure you are focusing your efforts to increase your K-D from match number one. With a new game release, players tend not to think or focus on their kill death ratio unit week two or week three after they have been playing the game.
  • Understand what you’re doing wrong during your gameplay that is causing you to die more than kill. Is it frustration? Is it the situation surrounding you while playing? If you have a frustrating situation surrounding yo when playing, such as friends or family, try to playing when you are alone.
  • Internet and network connection has a major impact on how your gameplay works and feels. Make sure your internet and overall network connection is structured for gaming.
  • Is your internet connection fast enough?
  • Are you using a WiFi connection during gaming or using a wired Ethernet connection during gaming?
  • Play in a clan or group. Playing in a clan or LFG group will help increase your K-D because you are playing with people who want to win and will help. They can provide input and feedback during gameplay. Playing in a clan or group makes gameplay much more fun anyway, and this can relate to how your K/D plays out. A given person will also feel somewhat obligated to win when in a group versus solo. The most significant factor, though is the input you get from your fellow teammates during gameplay.
  • Straight Up Call of Duty: The fifth and the best way we suggest to help increase your K-D is to switch your gameplay to Hardcore mode. A person who suffers from a poor K-D will find themselves getting killed in regular gameplay mode on Call of Duty. It may take a couple of matches to get used to Hardcore mode, but in the end, the gamer who switches will start to see a more balanced death to kill ratio than when playing normal Team Deathmatch.


Improving Your KD in Modern Warfare Tips

Improving Your KD in Modern Warfare Tips








Aim Assist and Sensitivity 


Adjust these to meet your playing style. Learn as you go and adjust as needed. Increase your sensitivity over time, but sooner rather than later. With TTK so quick in Call of Duty Modern Warfare now, you will want to be shooting before your enemy even sees you. Sensitivity makes a significant impact on a player’s ability to shoot first in a confrontation.


Time To Kill (TTK) is extremely fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare now. It is a good idea to keep testing with higher and higher movement sensitivity to help place your crosshairs on the enemy before they are doing the same to you. Getting the first shot off is essential. Today, upper body shots are more impactful than even headshots, so taking the extra time to put your crosshairs on your enemy’s head is not worth the time.


Helping Players Improve Their Kill Death Ration in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1200x628px

Helping Players Improve Their Kill Death Ration in Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Your Headset Will Make All the Difference 


Footsteps cause a fair amount of noise in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. You can use them to easily hear for adversaries behind hard walls or arriving at you from around corners. Utilize a quality headset that allows you to dial in its audio. Spotting your enemy using footsteps and sound is a massive part of winning in confrontations.


Dead Silence Is Worth It 


Dead Silence lets you temporarily quit your footsteps. With footsteps being so loud now, Dead Silence makes them go away. Dead Silence is a field upgrade, so it can only be used in short distances. Make sure to use it within active areas, and you will quickly have the drop on enemies in interiors.


Mounting When a Threat Is Nearby 


Mounting is enabled by default and is tremendous when covering firing lanes around the map, making you practically invincible at times. With the proper angle, it is possible to camp a spot and hold any firing lane. Flashbangs, concussions, and flankers could use if someone gets an idea that Mount is being overused. 


UAVs and Counter-UAVs Help Locate Enemies 


The majority of players disregard being aware of their surroundings and use their minimap way too much. If your squad or team seems to be running in and dying, running a UAV and unleashing will help teams like this. Using the Counter-UAVs is also an underused perk by players suffering from low K/D. Nothing counters a UAV inspired death than deploying a Counter-UAV the second after the enemy used a new UAV. 


Good Call of Duty Modern Warfare Players Have a Good K/d Kill Death Ratio 1200x628px

Good Call of Duty Modern Warfare Players Have a Good K/d Kill Death Ratio


Claymore or Proximity Mines


Proximity mines and Claymores almost guarantee a kill every time. Position them next to an entryway with good traffic, or behind you when you’re sniping, and the enemy triggers them every time. Also note, if you know you are about to be killed, quickly drop a proximity mine and take your enemy with you.  

Flashbangs or Concussion Grenades? 


Flashbangs have way more power in Call of Duty Modern Warfare now, but concussion grenades are better because they cause the stun. A stunned can not shoot back at you. When you flashbang someone, they can randomly pull the trigger and their gun to kill you. 









A breakdown of the above video:


  • Ground War (00:52)
  • Kill Chain (01:41)
  • Wait to use Kill Streaks (02:49)
  • Don’t Waste time with Kill Streaks (03:35)
  • Using Tanks & APCS(04:54)
  • Counting Your Deaths (05:18)
  • Winning! (07:17) 


Heartbeat Sensor Will Save You Deaths 


Heartbeat Sensor allows you to check out an area instantly, and you can quickly locate campers. Utilize your team in-game chat or a party to maximize the Heartbeat Sensor.


Keep Sprinting to a Minium and Play More Startigetic 


Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a much slower-moving game that is was in the past. Make sure you are not sprinting around corners and into buildings. The best aspect of using the sprint feature is learning the layout of the map and how to sprint can be effectively used on each of them.


Don’t Forget About Groud War and the Tanks 


If you want to improve your K/D in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, then Ground War may be an easy way to do this. At the start of the match, there are two army tanks by your headquarters, an IFV and APC. Almost no one on the other team will spawn with a rocket launcher to take you out with. Park is by an objective and blow the other side away.


Running the Campaign on Recruit


If you are very new or have never played Call of Duty Modern Warfare before, it may be best to play the campaign first, allowing you to learn how the weapons work and guns shoot. Play the campaign on Recruit, so you can get a solid feel for how the game plays and works. 


Best Tips To Raise You KD Easy in Call of Duty Modern Warfare











There are undoubtedly many other ways a player can focus on increasing their K-D when playing Call of Duty Ghosts, but we feel the above methods are the Top Five. If your kill/death ratio means greatly to you, the best way to increase your K-D is to focus on it. It is staggering how many complain about their K-D but do absolutely nothing about it. We are talking millions.




Millions of players complain about K-D, but very few do anything about it. It takes those who are serious about increasing their K-D to actually increase their K-D. Hopefully, the above article helps some of those suffering from weak K-D increase their odds and increases their Kill/Death ratio.




Please share it with us here at Gamer Ninja, your thoughts on how to increase your K-D in Call of Duty. We would like to hear from you and appreciate your input.




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