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Full Review of the New Fortnite Game Mode Infinity Gauntlet With Tips On Winning Included


GamerNinja Provides has held his “State of the Gamer” Address, along with a Full Review of Fortnite’s new game mode Infinity Gauntlet





Infinity Gauntlet Review | Tips and Tricks


Fortnite had just started its fourth season and just like clock work, in comes a new game mode. Epic Games released its latest game mode for Fortnite called Infinity Gauntlet. It a battle royal style game mode but with a twist.


Details Behind Infinity Gauntlet


Infinity Gauntlet is a new single player mode which was released last week. The “twist” behind the new game mode is the addition a very unique foe. Thanos, a Marvel Studios comic character, has been brough into battle with the masses in Fortnite. During a limited time mashup, 100 players descend into the map in Fortnite with a new objective. The new objective behind the new game mode, Infinity Gauntlet, is to pick up Thanos’s glove and become him. Once you pick up and put the glove on you would remain as him. If you make it to the end of the match, you win.


If you are killed off by the other players who are not him, you loose. If a player is killed off as Thanos, another player is able to pick up the glove and start over with full health and shield. The rest of the players are still battling one on one for better weapons and shield/health refills. At certain times throughout the match, players almost come together when the opportunity rises to put damage on Thanos. Don’t let this mass display of goodwill fool you though. It quickly turns back into a player on player Battle Royal as soon as the coast is clear.



Besides being the best skin in Fortnite, putting on Thanos’s gauntlet has some pretty cool perks. Once you slip it on, you become a super hero with powerful abilities. The main ability of Thanos is being able to jump high in the air and crashing back down on your opponents. He also has a punch that can take down a fully shielded player within two sings and the ability to emit a beam of light that destroys anything in its path. The down side to Thanos is his actions and movements are pretty slow. Quick players can get the best of you if you are not familiar with how to control him.


The first few times you are able to wear his gauntlet, you’ll find it is not easy controlling his movements. Unfortunately you need to practice, which is not that easy do because time wearing the gauntlet is limited and difficult to come by. Also worth a mention, once you slip on the gauntlet you pretty much become a large slow moving target. Players are learning how to get the best of Thanos and players are also learning now how to successfully play as him.


Infinity Gauntlet Hot Patched Right Away

At first, defeating Thanos seemed overwhelming. You wonder how anyone possibly could take him down. According to this Reddit Post, the Epic developers actually released a hot patch that scaled back Thanos’s powers slightly. Even though they already had to nerf him, he is still pretty powerful and not easy to take down. Also included in the hot patch, Epic’s developers addressed a glitch where common weapons were allowed to drop in the first few days of Infinity Gauntlet. As a good game developer should, Epic was listening and on the case. Score one for Epic Games!



Final Note on Gamer.Ninja’s Infinity Gauntlet Review: There has been scuttle that Infinity Gauntlet game mode is not receiving the best reviews. GamerNinja  likes Infinity Gauntlet and rates the new game mode 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s free, its fun and he likes it. Enough said.


Fortnite Tips and Review Taking Down Thanos | Infinity Gauntlet

Tips and Tactics to Bring Down Thanos in Fortnite’s Infinity Gauntlet Battle Royal Game Mode


Everything you need to know to bring down, win against Thanos



GamerNinja shows us how to beat Thanos in the about Fortnite video clip.


  • Waiting to hit the ground and hover for Thanos’s glove to drop or hit the ground running and loot out?

    1. At first, no one was hovering. This is a tactic GamerNinja originally perfect in Fortnite when it first came out to avoid having to run from or in the storm. When the new Infinity Gauntlet game mode came out, hovering in anticipation of Thanos’s glove dropping was a good and legit tactic. Now everyone is doing this and it’s almost better to hit the ground right away and loot out in anticipation for the end battle.
    2. Your chances of the glove landing next to you are almost the same as hovering.
    3. If you hover and hit the ground when the glove drops, if you do not get the glove you are most likely dead by other players who have guns or Thanos himself.
    4. Even if you are able to pick up the glove at the beginning, chances are you will not last. The playing area is big, yes you can hide, but there are a large number of players still alive and if three or four of them are focused on you, you shield will drop pretty quick.
  • Landing on the outside of the circle and working your way in is an effective way to stay alive and keep your enemies in front of you.

    1. Note: The initial first wave of the storm does little to no damage to you. Once the first wave stops and the second one starts, the storm becomes almost an instant kill.
  • The best weapons by far to get your hands on are the legendary auto sniper rifle and the legendary rocket.

    1. From a distance the Legendary auto sniper peels his health away if you’re able to get headshot off in succession.
    2. Up close, the Legendary rocket is the best weapon to take down a fully shielded Thanos. Legendary Scar’s drop little acorns so chances are you will have one of these also. Fluster Thanos with the rockets and headshot him with the Scar. When his beam of light is hitting you, do not stop shooting.
  • Honorable mention would be the Boogie bomb. If you are able to toss it and get him to dance, you can do headshots for days. Once the players comes out the Boogie bomb dance trance, in most cases crouch to do the big leap into the air, allowing even more headshot to be given.
  • C4 has been a slight disappointment since its release in Season 4. You know when something not what it’s cracked up to be when you constantly see C4 discarded. If you were able to get three or four on him and set the detonator, this would do some serious damage.
  • The key to taking out Thanos is watching where his shield is at and staying near him enough to capitalize on his weakness. If you stay near him long enough, his shield will be taken down and you will be able to swoop in and finish him off.
  • When you commit, you have to follow through. Once you go in to finish him off, there is absolutely no turning back. In most cases, the moment you hesitate, a player behind you will see this and take you out while heading back for cover.

The new Fortnite Battle Royal game mode Infinity Gauntlet is definitely worth trying. It’s fast paced; the kill amounts per game are high, especially if you are able to wear his glove and become him towards the end. It not uncommon to see a Thanos with 10+ kills.  This makes a person wonder is a Squad version would ever crop up? Things that make you go “Hummmm?”.

GamerNinja Staff

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