Gamer Ninja Chat Commands

Chat Commands for Live Video Game Streaming Influencer Gamer Ninja

Chat Commands for Live Video Game Streaming Influencer Gamer Ninja

Gamer Ninja’s Chat Command Tips and Tricks

How to Use the Gamer Ninja’s Chat Commands

Use the above chat commands to communicate and interact with Gamer Ninja and other Gamer Ninja Mixer and Twitch followers and viewers.

Tip One | The important part of using Gamer Ninja’s chat commands is to remember to add the “!” exclamation mark before the command. If a follower or viewer does not include the “!” exclamation mark before the chat command, the command will not work.

Tip Two | Where is states a term in all capital letters after a chat command means that command requires additional input to function. An example would be the command “!joined USERNAME”. This chat command displays the date a user joined either Mixer or Twitch. The chat command itself is “!joined” but for this command to function properly you would need to replace “USERNAME” with the username you are requesting the join date of. A working example would be “!joined GamerNinja”. This will display the date user GamerNinja joined either Mixer or Twitch. Additional Note | You must be submitting the command on the platform you are requesting the registration date from.

Tip Three | Some chat commands have a cooldown timer and can only be used once and a delay will occur for a cooldown period.


YouTube and SmashCast Chat Commands

At this time, Gamer Ninja’s bot system does not communicate with YouTube or SmashCast. We are working towards YouTube ad SmashCast integration and hope to someday soon offer chat commands for YouTube and SmachCast. Check back to this page for updates and announcements on YouTube and SmashCast chat bot integration process.


Have fun using Gamer Ninja’s Chat Commands and be sure to follow Gamer Ninja on his,, YouTube Gaming, and SmashCast channels.

The following is a complete list of Gamer Ninja’s streaming channel chat command list.

The power is granted! Go forward and use it for good.

If you see a command I don’t have or a chat command that is missing

Let me know via chat and I will get it corrected.

Make sure to come watch Gamer Ninja play PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale


Gamer Ninja Custom Chat Bot Commands List

A complete list of all chat commands used by Gamer Ninja on his and channels.

!commandsTells users how to get to this page at
!crewShows the user that Gamer Ninja's GTA V Crew is GamerNinjaCrew
!discordDisplays a link to Gamer Ninja's Discord Channel
!donateShows users how to Donate to GamerNinja via PayPal
!followageThis shares how long a follower has followed GamerNinja's channel.
!forumsTells users how to get to Gamer Ninja Forums and find out details about stream giveaways, gaming info, games info, and more.
!gamescore GAMERTAGDisplays the Xbox user's Gamertag GameScore
!gtDisplay Gamer Ninja's Xbox Live Gamertag Which is GamerrNinja
!joinDisplays info on how to join Gamer Ninja and play with him.
!joined USERNAMEDisplays the date you joined either Mixer or Twitch.
!meaning YOURWORDDisplays the meaning of a word. You must type in a word after !meaning command. Example: !meaning gamer
!mixiversary MIXERUSERNAMEDisplays the anniversary date of a Mixer user account. Must type in user account after command.
!mixertotwitchDisplays a link to Gamer Ninja's Twitch Channel
!raiderRaid message alert
!scheduleDisplays gamer Ninja's streaming schedule.
!setupDisplays a link to Gamer Ninja's Room One Streaming Set Up web page to see specs and streaming equipment.
!stealCommand to "steal" points from other online followers. Must be a regular visitor of Gamer Ninja's channel to use.
!twitchtomixerDisplays a link to Gamer Ninja's Mixer Channel for Twitch users.
!twitterDisplay a link to account page. Gamer Ninja's Twitter home web page.
!uptimeDisplays how long GamerNinja's stream has been up for today.
iweatherCommand to use specific servies
!websiteDisplays a link to Gamer Ninja's website
Contact Gamer Ninja

If you would like to contact Gamer Ninja, feel free to contact him today! Gamer Ninja would like to hear from you!

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