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Bungie, Inc is a video game developer located in Bellevue, Washington, US. and was established in 1991. It first was known as Bungie Software Products Corporation founded by Alex Seropian. They started in Chicago, Illinois, and focused primarily on Macintosh games in its early years. Two of the companies first successful video game franchises were Marathon and Myth.

Bungie was bought out by Microsoft in 2000. Microsoft used Bungie’s activate project for its debut release for the Xbox console. This project was Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo sold selling millions became a billion dollar franchise. They announced on October 5th, 2007 that it was leaving Microsoft to become its own private game development company, Bungie LLC. Microsoft remains the owner of the Halo franchise.

In 2014, along with video game publisher Activision, they released Destiny. They are currently under a ten year contracted development program to support and develop Destiny. They maintains it’s core website and employees over 750 people.

Company Philosophy 

Bungie.net is the point where the community comes together with the game developer. It offers online forums which the community that revolves around Destiny can come together and communicate right with the development team. It also offers online statistics related to the video game character’s progress, allowing the gamer to see and compare their progress against friend or foe. 

Key figures

Bungie, Inc has an evaluation rating of 4 stars on GlassDoor.com

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