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Here at Gamer.Ninja we offer the exposure you need to help promote and get your online gaming video page or channel seen. No matter if it maybe YouTube, Glitch, Dailymotion or where ever, Gamer.Ninja wants to feature you to the thousands of visitors which grace our website. Gamer.Ninja wants to create an online experience for those who video capture and game. Let us feature your video channel and help you promote the best of the best of gaming.

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Gamer.Ninja is a gaming website created and run by gamers for the gamer. We are not run by some large outside entity who has no or very little knowledge of video gaming. We have gamer tags and accounts just like you. We have the ability to offer whatever is needed to make all things gaming cool and will stop at nothing less.

So join us today and help us expose your talents and ventures. We want to hear from you! We want Gamer.Ninja to be fun and a place you can surround yourself in gaming and in a way never experienced before.

If you would like to feature a video channel or webpage here at Gamer.Ninja please send us your info at [email protected]

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