James Plays Life is Strange Episode 3 Number 1

Gamer Ninja and Oran1 offer us an exclusive look into James Plays Life is Strange Episode 3 Number 1. Watch as Oran1 offers us a funny and unique look into this game offered on Steam.

This is a complicated game and a gaming experience that is driven to dorm life when in college (as far as we can grasp), and someone goes missing.

The only interesting aspect we found with James Plays Life is Strange in the commentary from Oran1 during this game review. This game is boring, but Oran1 makes the review interesting.

Watch Oran1’s review of James Play

This game, James Plays Life is Strange, does not go well for us, but Oran1’s commentary is still killer. No matter what other sources state! At Gamer Ninja, get what Oran1 is doing with his reviews. It’s funny! We like it.

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Gaming.Ninja Staff