How to Get the New Last Word Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

How to get the Last Word hand cannon in five easy steps

The Last Word hand cannon, the latest Destiny 2’s Forsaken Black Armory exotic weapon, dropped yesterday during the weekly reset. 

Yesterday’s weekly reset saw a sizable update to Destiny 2. Update 2.1.4 brought with it many new changes to how Destiny 2 functions as a game. Many qualities of life improvements to both PVE and PVP were included in the update but something extra was also found. An exotic quest offered by the Drifter called “The Draw”.

The Draw exotic quest line is what leads to the exotic hand cannon, The Last Word. The Last Word is a throwback exotic weapon that was introduced in the original Destiny year one.

Step 1 The Cleansing Quest Step

Once you see the Drifter and you accept the quest, it goes into your pursuits and is titled “The Cleansing”. The Cleansing quest step for Destiny 2’s The Last Word hand cannon is the first actionable step after you receive the quest from the Drifter.

The Cleansing quest steps include:

  • Defeat Hive with solar damage
  • 75 Hive tablets collected
  • 3 Hive bosses defeated

Gamer Ninja Note: The best place to easily complete the Cleansing quest steps is on Mars during an Escalation Protocol public event. You can get this entire quest step done during a few levels of Escalation Protocol.

Step 2 The Temptation quest step

Head back to the Drifter toobtai the Tempation quest step. The Temptation quest step will take you into Crucible where you will have to maintain a positive K/D (kill to death) ration. It’s a point accumulative step, where a kill will get you two points and a death will subtract one point from your total. You will need to achieve better than a 0.5 k/d ratio to obtain the points needed and complete this part of the quest. You can do this step in either Quick Play or Competitive Crucible.

Gamer Ninja Note: Assists also count towards your total.

Step 3 The Damnation mission quest step

After you complete the Temptation quest steps, you will have to journey to Titan and do the mission called The Draw where you are sent to interrupt the “twisted ceremony” of the Damnation. The mission is a modified version of a Lost Sector.

The object of this quest step is stright forward. It can be done solo or with a fireteam. When you get into the mission, you will have to take down the wizard’s immunity shields to defeat the boss.

Step 4 Sullied Light quest step

The Hive weapon master is creating new Weapons of Sorrow. You need to stop it. Gather powerful objects to sully your Light and complete the ritual.

The Sullied Light quest step is a scavenger hunt style quest step. This quest step will have you going all over the cosmodrome.

Sullied Light quest steps

15 Etched crystals collected

Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees.

The quickest way we have found to clear a Lost Sector, with a wanted escapee boss inside of it, is to go to the EDZ (fly in to Winding Cove) and head west to the Pathfinder’s Crash Lost Sector. Precedently, this Lost Sector is also a great spot to farm the Dust Rock Blues shotgun.

Gamer Ninja Note: Not all Lost Sectors have wanted escapees in them. Addtionally, It roughly took us 20 minutes to get this step done using the Pathfinders Crash Lost Sector

The following video shows you how to farm for the Dust Rock Blues shotgun but can be used to quickly clear a Lost Sector with a wanted escapee inside of it.

25 Crucible medals earned

These Crucible medals are not the “top-tier” medals associated with the competitive emblem. The medals required for this quest are more easier to obtain than “Top Tier” Crucible medals. The medals you will need to achieve during a Crucible match are 25 “Best Served Cold” or “Blood for Blood” medals.

Best Served Cold: Killing the person who just killed you.

Blood for Blood: Killing the person who just killed you teammate.

50 Hive Larvae collected

Just kill Hive with precision headshots. They will not drop on every headshot but will for most of them.

3 Heroic Hive rituals completed

Hive rituals are public events where wizards spawn and you stand on two adjacent plates to activate them. Hive rituals can be found on Titan in the Rig area and on Mars in the Glacial Drift area.

Step 5 The Conversation Quest Step

Enkaar, the Hive weapon monster, is hiding in the Hellrise Canyon in the Tangled Shore. Hunt him down!

The Drifter

As previously, return to the Drifter to collect your next quest step. You will receive the Conversation quest step. You will need to go to the Tangled Shore and travel to the downed ship in the Jetsum of Saturn. The mission will be on your map so you can highlight it to make it easier to find.

Once you enter the mission there will be two stages which you have to complete before you head into the final area. The first stage is just regular enemies at the entrance and once the waves are through, proceed forward into the second stage.

In the second stage, the objective is to eliminate the Hive but your health does not automatically regenerate. It will help if you set your class item to health regeneration (Better Already perk) upon picking up an orb.

Attention: Spoiler Alert!

After the second stage, you will enter the final boss room. Clear the enemies until a glowing green plate appears. Stand on the plate and a boss will appear in front of you. The Last Word hand cannon will show up for you to use. The object is to shoot the hand of the boss when he tries to fire his hand cannon at you. You will repeat this 3 times, each time there will be another boss added.

Once you have beaten the final encounter, you will be presented the Last Word immediately!

Twitch Streamer Datto explains all of the above in the following video:

Destiny 2 How to Get The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon