A Complete Review of Destiny 2’s Le Monarque Exotic Combat Bow and How to Get it


Le Monarque Black Armory Exotic Bow Review

Le Monarque Black Armory Exotic Bow Review

The latest Destiny 2 exotic weapon has started drop and gamers are starting to get their hands on it. The newest Destiny 2 exotic weapon is the new Le Monarque bow.  The Le Monarque exotic bow adds the third exotic bow to Destiny 2 Forsaken. Reports are still coming in but as of now the only way to obtain the new exotic bow is to play the second Lost Forage in Destiny 2 Black Armory, the Gofannon Forge. The Gofannon Forge is located on the planet Nessus and can be accessed by completed the necessary steps to open up its access.

The Le Monarque exotic bow drops randomly and can drop for anyone who completes a Gofannon Forge instance. There is no set sequence determined so far to get the new Black Armory exotic bow to drop, you have to play on the Gofannon Forge specifically.



Le Monarque Exotic Bow Review


Le Monarque Exotic Bow Review

The Le Monarque Exotic Bow comes in a 760-draw time architecture and features an inventory size of 65 arrows. The arrows it contains are Pestilence type arrows the emit poison on to enemies during a “perfect draw.”  The poison feature is similar to the Destiny Year One hand cannon, the Thorne.

The Le Monarque perks include Nature String, Compact Arrow Shaft, and Snapshot sights. This gives the Le Monarque exotic bow a lite and airy feel, which translates into an agile weapon to use.





The Le Monarque’s base stats include

Le Monarque Exotic Bow Base Stats

Le Monarque Exotic Bow Base Stats

  • Accuracy of 85
  • Impact of 76
  • Stability of 56
  • Handling of 63
  • Reload Speed of 46
  • Aim Assistance of 70
  • Recoil Direction of 78
  • Zoom of 18



Le Monarque Game Play Review


PVE Gameplay

The Le Monarque exotic combat bow has a steep climb before
it becomes a “god tier” type exotic weapon. First on this list is its meager
stats. Its low base stats make it not an optimal choice for actual PVE endgame
content use. On top of this, the poisoning effect of the Pestilence arrows is
not strong enough to help take down strong bosses. Additionally, the Le
Monarque has many shortcomings when it comes to its perks and base stats. Out
of the three exotic bows offered in Destiny 2 Forsaken, the Le Monarque has the
lowest base stats of them all.

Combined with the meager base stats and the weak effect of the Pestilence arrows, the Le Monarque combat bow receives a rating of 2 out of 5 stars for PVE use.


PVP Gameplay

The Le Monarque exotic combat bow does not make up any
ground lost in the PVE review over in the PVP gameplay category. Once again,
its low base stats coupled with the weak results of the Pestilence arrows makes
the Le Monarque combat bow a non-disable choice for PVP.

We tested the bow during serval fairly balanced PC
competitive PVP matches. Out of twelve consecutive quickly fired direct hits
after a full draw, three of them being critical headshots, not once did the
opponent die, or subsequent opponents die. Furthermore, no assisted kills were
granted during the twelve arrow hits. You could clearly see the poison inject
into the opponent and also undoubtedly inject into neighboring opponents, but
the poison’s effects clearly do not disorient and weaken the opponent enough to
a point where they cannot recover and regroup unharmed. This bow sounded too
good to be true for PVP use after it was referred to as an equivalent to the
Destiny Year One hand cannon, the Thorne. After testing, the Le Monarque will
reside in the “too good to be true” exotic Destiny weapon category
and just not worth taking up your weapon exotic slot.

Low base stats and the weak effects of the Pestilence arrows earns this exotic combat bow 1 out of 5 stars for PVP use. PVP use is not recommended given this weapon’s current state. Better exotic and non-exotic bow options are available.


Downfalls of the Le Monarque Exotic Combat Bow

The most notable downfall to the Le Monarque is its sites. The sites on this exotic Destiny 2 bow are too busy.  The orange non-functioning range finder fingers combined with the tiny amber dot make it hard to target properly and simply become a distraction. Aiming in with this bow is a painful process and something makes you miss more shots than land them.



The new Le Monarque exotic combat bow is a big disappointment in its current state. The Wish Ender and the Trinity Ghoul exotic bows are better options if you are a player who needs to fill your exotic archer void.

Over all, Gamer.ninja rates the Le Monarque exotic combat bow:

2 out of 5 Stars

Gamer.ninja Staff