Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle


Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle. Who is Madden is what many who play this game may ask?

The Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle release date is on August 26th, 2014.

Many who play this game may ask who Madden is. John Madden is an NFL announcing icon from many decades past and is the voice to many of Thanks Giving. Oh, yeah. They made a football video gaming surrounding him also.


Most gamers buying into Madden 15 from EA Sports have no clue who John Madden even is. Well, Madden 15 gives no reason for those wondering who this person is also to give a second thought. Just play it, and he will come.

Madden 15 from EA Sports is another episode in the football realistic gaming addition much love to play, mainly in the of the season, because of its realistic gameplay and real-life perspective portrayed. Many NFL players partake in this virtual pastime, thus giving it its unworldly like gaming prestige stature.


OK, let’s not forget we are talking about an Xbox One bundle here. The Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle includes, but limited to, the following:

  • Your very own Xbox One console.
  • An Included downloadable copy of Madden 15
  • Token for 3 Ultimate Team Pro Packs, useful for recruiting Gold, Elite, and Legendary Players
  • An Xbox One controller.

There it is, folks. Good old John Madden is making another comeback in round 15 on August 26th, 2014. Buy up Madden 15, and it will come.

Maybe a six-legged turkey will come your way this November also!



Gamer.Ninja Staff