Key Points About the Reforged in the Light Quest Progress Buff

  • Solstice of Heroes Quest Reforged in the Light is very long.
  • Players should wait to level up their second or third characters until this weekend.
  • How to Get the Double and Triple Progression Buff for Magnificent Armor Quest?

Magnificent Armor and the Reforged in the Light Quest

If one word could sum up the latest Destiny 2 quest Reforged in the Light, that word would be “Grind.” Yes, Bungie’s franchise, Destiny 2, has released its latest event, Solstice of Heroes. Tied to the Solstice of Heroes event, is the Reforged in the Light quest. Players are given a set of blue Armor (Rare) for their character during the quest, and the object is to complete in-game objectives that will enhance and level up the new Armor. To obtain Magnificent Armor, players essentially need to do this twice, once to upgrade to Majestic, then to upgrade to Magnificent.

Magnificent Armor is the latest cosmetic skin in Destiny 2, Season of Arrivals and players appear to be loving this Armor. So much, hardcore D2 players are willing to go through and complete some seriously high and daunting in-game objectives.

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Destiny 2 is a game of passion for many. It has a solid following and also has a significant DLC update coming this fall called Beyond Light. Destiny 2 fans are dedicated and love their game, so much, they are willing to go through just about anything to obtain in-game loot and cosmetics that show off their accomplishments. For the dedicated D2 fan, especially those who started with Destiny way back in 2014 and maybe even played Destiny’s early beta, there are certain things they will spend hours, days, even weeks to get. The coveted Chatterwhite Vault of Glass Raid shader is an item that comes to mind.

Those who grind Destiny 2 each and every day were granted some good news earlier today. The brunt of the grinding for the new D2 Universal Glow Ornaments from the Solstice of Heroes Reforged in the Light quest is done on the first character. For player’s second and third characters, the grind behind the Reforged in the Light quest became much easier this year after players did confirm the progression modifier buff was active after the first character had fully completed the questline and upgraded to the Magnificent Armor.

It was confirmed today on both Twitter and Reddit by management at Bugie that the x2 or x3 progress buff for second and third characters was put into place to help increase the progression of the lengthy questline and is part of the game. Bungie also confirmed that this was not a workaround, glitch, or an error needing a patch, and added that they have no plans to address or change how they quest works at this time.


Bungie Community Manager Confirms Quest Progression Buff

“That’s correct. Obtaining the final legendary armor set (magnificent) on a class will add +1x to the other classes on an account finishing the rare (renewed) and legendary tier 1 (majestic) armor objectives.”

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Caveats of the Reforged in the Light Quest Progression Buff 

The first caveat is a player’s first character must be fully upgraded to Magnificent Armor before the progression modifier buff activates and tickles its effects on to the second and third characters. Sources on Reddit did confirm that the progression modifier buff will not take effect unless the first character has been fully upgraded to the Magnificent Armor. 

The biggest caveat, and perhaps the toughest for many players, is the progression modifier buff will not work if a player uses a Titan as their first character. If a player finishes their first Reforged in the Light quest as a Titan, the progression modifier buff will not work on the second and third characters. Sources on Reddit say management Bungie has acknowledged the Titan bug, and their development team is aware of it. There was no word as to when this Titan bug will be fixed.

Alternatively, Reddit users did verify that if a player did start on their Titan but had not fully upgrade the initial Solstice blue Renewed Armor set, those players can switch to their Hunter or Warlock, allowing their Titan to receive the benefits of the progression modifier buff.  It appears that the point of no return with this is after a player completes all objectives necessary to upgrade the Renewed Armor set to the Majestic Armor set, but before they visit Eva Levante to upgrade their armor.

Destiny 2 players with only one character, sorry, but the progression modifier buff will not pertain to your character since it only pertains to second and third characters. The purpose of the progression modifier buff is to entice payers into working on their alternative characters.

Once Again, Trials of Osiris Gets a Bad Rap

One of the last parts of the Reforged in the Light questline requires players to earn seven nonconsecutive Trials of Osiris match wins. Trials of Osiris does not start again until Friday, so many players have gotten to the point where they cannot go any further, deciding to switch to their second and third characters. Essentially, players are wasting many hours grinding on second and third characters, when the amount of time spent doing this would be reduced by 50% of those players had gotten their first characters past the Trials of Osiris portion of the Reforged in the Light quest. 

This news may not be the most significant for a Twitch streamer such as Gladd, who makes his living by grinding day in and day out some of the most lengthy and hardest aspects of Destiny. For the once a week average player to the player that plays Destiny daily but does not make a living by doing so,  they might not be so happy with Bungie secretly introducing this progression modifier buff into their favorite video game. Reddit is full of gamers who had stayed up until all hours to complete the required objectives on each charter and now are upset knowing they could have put in half the time just by waiting until the weekend.

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How to Get the Double and Triple Progression Buff for Magnificent Armor Quest?

Destiny 2 players who have two or more characters and want to finish the Reforged in the Light quest on one of their alternate second or third character, they need to complete the quest on their first character, bringing all five Majestic armor pieces to Magnificent. If a player does it this way instead of finishing, the second and third characters will receive an x1 boost in progression per character with a completed quest. After your first completed character, the second character’s progression will increase by x2, reducing time commitment by 50%. After a player finishes their second character, their third character’s progression would increase by x3, reducing the time commitment down 75%.

Why Would Bungie Include a Progression Buf in the Reforged in the Light Questline?

We believe the premise behind Bungie building this into the event comes down to the seven, non-consecutive wins needed in Trials of Osiris to complete the quest. Trials of Osiris only being offered Friday through Monday could factor into many players not having enough time for more than one character due to the amount of time involved with upgrading a character to Magnificent without the progression modifier.