Mysterious Box Quest Izanagi’s Burden in 6 Easy Steps

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How to Get the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle in Six Easy Steps

Mysterious Box Unlocked: Getting your hands on the new Destiny 2 exotic sniper rifle, Izanagi’s Burden, is not as difficult as many may believe. The quest can be broken down into six easy steps.

To unlock the Mysterious Box quest and obtain the Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle, you will need to find and insert four different keys into the mysterious Box quest. The keys can be found in a Black Armory box that appears once a successful forge has been completed. You and your team will have to put the forge match into “Maximum Temper buff” by shooting down Black Amronty box drones that are located in various areas of the forge map, found in using each forge and completing a successful match.

Step 1: Obtain the Mystery Box and Black Armory Keys

First, you will need to unlock the Voldur forge on the EDZ to gain access to the area where you can get the Mysterious Box quest. Once the Voldur forge is unlocked, you will need to locate the secret cave at the entrance of the Voldur forge. To find the cave, make your way to the point where you have to jump across a broken bridge to enter the forge. Instead of jumping over to the other cliff, jump down to the left and land on the little patch of solid ground. Proceed into the small cave and open the Black Armory box at the end of it. The following video will help guide you right the Mysterious Box quest location.

How to get the Mysterious Box quest in the Voldur Forge on the EDZ

Mysterious Box Quest Location and How to Get It

Once you have obtained the Mysterious Box quest, you will have to get the required Black Armory Forge keys and insert them into the quest. The keys can be found by completing each of the first three Black Armory forges.

The four Black Armory keys you will need

  • Fishhook Key (Volundr Forge)
  • Hand Key (Gofannon Forge)
  • Butterfly Key (Izanami Forge)
  • Black Armory Key (questline)

The following video will provide the steps needed to obtain the required Black Armory keys.

All Mystery Box Keys and Maximum Temper Drones Locations

Open the Black Armory cache box that spawns at the end of a successful match, and you will be presented with a key in your consumables menu. Select the key and hold down the “X” button to insert it into the Mysterious Box quest.

Step 2: Obtain the Black Armory key

Getting your hands on the Black Armory key is much different than what is needed for the other keys. Pretty much, The Black Armory key entails its questline above the Mysterious Box quest. Although this can be done solo, having a fireteam with you will make this process go by much quicker.

Once all the previous Black Armory forges have been unlocked, and following keys obtained, head back to the Traveler and visit Ada-1 in the Annex area of the Destiny 2 tower. She will present you with a Black Armory Key Mold.

After you have obtained the Black Armory Key Mold from Ada-1, you will need to head to the Leviathan Raid and access the UNderbelly area to kill Watchers to get twenty-four Watcher Lenses. The following video will help get you into the Leviathon Raid and into the Underbelly area of the Raid. The sequence to for the levers to open the path forward is 1,5,3,2,4 and then 6.

How to access the Leviathan’s Underbelly area while solo

How to Get the Watcher Lenses from the Underbelly of the

After you get the twenty-four Watcher lenses, the next step of the Mysterious Box quest is to find 200 Glimmering Amethysts. You can obtain Glimmering Amethysts by opening supply caches, public event chests or Strike chests. Supply caches yield 5 Glimmering Amethysts, non-heroic public event chests yield 5 Glimmering Amethysts, heroic public events yield 10 Glimmering Amethysts and Strike chests yield 20 Glimmering Amethysts.

GamerNinja’s Destiny 2 Strat Tip

The quickest and easiest way to obtain all 200 Glimmering Amethysts is to speedrun the Lake of Shadows Strike located on the EDZ. With an experienced fireteam, this Strike can be completed in under four minutes. The math adds up to getting to 200 Glimmering Amethysts in under a half hour. Doing this via traditional methods and means could result in a few hours of game time. This video shows you how to speedrun the Lake of Shadows Strike in record time.

How to Speedrun the Lake of Shadows Strike in Destiny 2

How to Speed Run Lake of Shadows Strike in Destiny 2

After getting to 200 Glimmering Amethysts, you will then have to complete the Bergusia Forge located in Niobe Labs on the EDZ while under the Maximum Temper buff. To get the Maximum Temper buff, you will have to shoot two separate Black Armory drones that spawn after the second round starts during a Forge match. The following video will guide you through this process.

How to complete the Destiny 2 Bergusia Forge and obtain the Maximum Temper buff

How to complete the Destiny 2 Bergusia Forge with the Maximum Temper buff active

After the forge is reignited, you will be able to open a Black Armory cache box and get the Black Armory Key. Highlite the key in your consumables menu, hold down “X” and insert the key into the Mysterious Box quest. Immediately after doing this, you will be presented with a Mysterious Decryption Device. Head back to the Tower and present the Mysterious Decryption Device to Ada-1 and she will give you the next part of the Mysterious Box quest, the Unidentified Frame quest.

After this, you will forge a Black Armory Key.

Step 3: Complete the Unidentified Frame quest

To fulfill the Unidentified Frame step of the Mysterious Box quest, you will need to obtain an Obsidian Crystal. To get an Obsidian Crystal, you will have to complete a Black Armory rare bounty. Black Armory rare bounties drop after completing weekly Black Armory bounties. The downside to Black Armory rare bounties is they are not a guaranteed drop after each completion of a weekly Black Armory bounty, hence why they are labeled as “rare.”

The Black Armory rare bounties take some time to complete (stays in inventory for 14 days). If you have been staying up to date on Black Armory bounties on a weekly basis, chances are good you may even have one in your bounties menu already. Either Way, you will need to fulfill a weekly Black Armory bounty to have a chance at a rare bounty dropping for you. Once you have finished a rare bounty, hover over it and hold “X” to consume it and the next step will be revealed.

Step 4: Complete the Shattered Thron

Once you have obtained and consumed an Obsidian Crystal, you will need to head over to the Shattered Throne Dungeon and complete it as you normally would.

How to Complete the Destiny 2 Dungen: The Shattered Throne

How to complete the Destiny 2 Dungen, the Shattered Throne

Once you have obtained your Obsidian Crystal, hover over it and hold “X” to consume it.

Step 5: Unidentified Frame Mission on IO

Once you have completed the Shattered Throne, next you will head over to IO and find a new mission waiting for you. The mission is called the Unidentified Frame. This mission is actually a modified version of the Pyramidion Strike exclusivley for the Mysterious Box quest line.

Even though labeled a mission, it will need to be completed much the same as a Nightfall Strike. Modifiers for the Strike are Heavyweight and Extinguish. Heavy drops will be plentiful but if you or your fireteam wipes, it’s back to orbit you go, having to restart the entire mission over again.

Step 6: Defeat Siviks, Again

Once you have completed the modified Pyramidion Strike, you will be presented with the Unidentified Radiant Frame. Make your way back to Bergusia Forge and complete the mission titled Lock and Key. You will be fighting in the Bergusia Forge arena and once again, Siviks, Lost to None. After defeating Siviks, you should receive an item called “Not a Weapon.”

After you have finished step 6, head back to Ada-1 and she will present you with a charged Hyperion Core. At the same time, she will also give you the Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle.

Congratulations, you have completed the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest line.

Mysterious Box Quest Black Armory Izanagis Burden Sniper Rifle
Mysterious Box quest – Black Armory Izanagi’s Burden Sniper Rifle Specs Review

You will also gain access to the Mysterious Datapad Lost Souvenir quest also.

Good luck Guardians.

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