Easily obtain and complete the Mysterious Datapad-Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 Black Armory quest in four easy steps

Mysterious Datapad Lost Souvenir Quest Destiny 2

Mysterious Datapad Lost Souvenir Quest Destiny 2

Step 1: The Mysterious Datapad quest is not hard and offers some good rewards


The Mysterious Datapad questline for Desinty 2 will drop for players after they have started the Mysterious questline for the Izanagi’s Burden, the new Destiny 2 exotic sniper rifle.

Once you obtain all four keys from the four Black Armory forges and fulfill the Mysterious box questline, the legendary Mysterious Datapad quest can be found in your pursuits inventory. It will show up as a legendary quest step that requires a riddle to be solved.


The Mysterious Datapad quest step reads as follows:

Our fates are written on the fine parchment of time
A never-ending cyclone on conflict and character
We struggle to find times of stillness in the shrine of peace
And watch for the next new dawn signaling tomorrow
Our eyes were drawn to the sky looking for the brightest constellation
That we will shape the coming days with our hands
And the Black Armory will endure forever


Step 2: Completing the Lost Souvenir Legendary Destiny 2 Quest


As of this article, this quest will require a fireteam of three players to complete. You will also need the following weapons:

  • Spiteful Fang Legendary Bow (Izanami Forge)
  • Hammerhead Legendary Machine Gun (Volundr Forge)
  • Tatara Gaze Legendary Sniper (Gofannon Forge)
  • Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle (Only one fireteam member needs to have the exotic sniper, and you obtain it from the Mysterious Box and Key Quest)

Once you have the Mysterious Datapad quest is in your pursuits and the required weapons, head over to Niobe Labs. Niobe Labs is located in the southern region of the EDZ in the Outskirts area.

Make your way to the control room just before the Bergusia Forge where the Niobe Labs Torment Bypass Level puzzle took place.

Once you enter Niobe Labs, you will be on quest step Lost Souvenir: Passcode Required.

Niobe Labs Secrete Symbols Map Destiny 2

Niobe Labs Secrete Symbols Map Destiny 2

Defeat the Fallen Captain and dregs to make it easier to find the hidden Niobe Labs symbols.


Step 3: Shoot Hidden Symbols in order While in Niobe Labs

First, you will need to pull the blue lever on the wall under the LMG machine gun platform to activate the sequence. You and your fireteam are going to shoot symbols on the walls and floors. The only way these symbols are able to be seen is through the sites of the forge weapons and exotic sniper. Next, your fireteam will need to shoot the following symbols in order.

Shoot the Niobe Labs hidden symbols with the appropriate weapon in the following sequence

  1. Spiteful Fang Legendary Bow: Missive symbol on the center pillar
  2. Hammerhead Legendary Machine Gun: Storm symbol
  3. Tatara Gaze Legendary Sniper: Shrine on the back wall of the room
  4. Spiteful Fang Legendary Bow: Moring symbol on the floor in bow symbol area to the left front of the room
  5. Hammerhead Legendary Machine Gun: Star symbol on LMG platform floor
  6. Hammerhead Legendary Machine Gun: Hand symbol on LGM platform floor
  7. Tatara Gaze Legendary Sniper: A symbol that was not previously seen and it’s the Black Armory symbol located on the LMG platform

The following overview map of Niobe Labs will help you locate the hidden symbols and their locations.

Niobe Labs Mysterious Symbols Map for Datapad Quest

Niobe Labs Mysterious Symbols Map for Datapad Quest

Once you correctly shoot the symbols in the proper order, enemies will spawn in the room. You will need to clear the enemies to advance to the next quest step. This is where the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle is required. To take down the boss’s shield, you will have to shoot them with the exotic sniper.


Step 4: Complete All Forges While In Black Armory Gear

After this, you will need to complete all four Black Armory forges wearing a complete set of Black Armory gear, while having all three weapon slots equipped with forge weapons.

Here is a video that will help you conquer the Mysterious Datapad quest.

Mysterious Data Quest Radiant Upgrade and Rewards

Mysterious Datapad Quest Rewards

Once you complete all quest steps, you will be rewarded with a pretty cool emblem called Obsidian Dreams.

Obsidian Dreams Emblem from Destiny 2's Mysterious Datapad Quest

Obsidian Dreams Emblem from Destiny 2’s Mysterious Datapad Quest

You will also get a consumable called Obsidian Radiance, which can be used during a forge ignition to upgrade the amount of damage output your character deals. There is also a pretty cool cut scene you will unlock.

Learn how to get the Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle to add this significant sniper to your Destiny 2 arsenal.

Good luck.

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