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Gamer Ninja publishes reviews on live streaming and live streamer products, streaming electronics, video equipment, and other gear needed to live stream content online. Our website also reviews video games including titles such as Battle Royale games like Fort-nite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but also video games like Destiny the Game, Grand Theft Auto, and more.GamerNinja Streaming News extends this content to GamerNinja's website and beyond. Gamer Ninja helps live streamers and video game experts stay current on all aspects of the online live streaming and video gaming industry.

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The Last Campfire Video Game Review Score 100%

The Last Campfire Video Game Review

The Last Campfire is a superbly narrated story game amidst a fabulous mixture of finely created animation and puzzles. The Last Campfire is an engaging video game thriving on emotion and mechanics in a world of environment-based puzzles with a unique and peculiar story.

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