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Solstice of Heroes

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Gamer Ninja features information, news, and tutorials on all aspects of the Destiny 2 event, Solstice of Heroes.

Destiny 2, Solstice of Heroes event is free for all players and runs from August 11th to September 8th, 2020

The Solstice of Heroes event does not require a season pass or specific previous DLC purchase.

Solstice of Heroes - Conquests Commemorated

This annual tradition honors all of the sacrifices Guardians have made has once again come. Eva Levante has returned to the Tower and awaits Guardians next to the Statue of Heroes. Guardians are to come together and celebrate the toughness of humankind's foremost protectors.

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Guardian Gear - Factors of Glory

Every day Guardians will experience a different burn type starting with Solar, then Arc, then Void. Dispatch your foes by matching that days burn, while returning to the Tower to upgrade armor. Armor will begin to glow once Guardians reach the Majestic level, they will expose the Light from within.

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Bungie Rewards - The Sounds of Solstice

Guardians who complete “The Solstice Begins” quest will gain access to a free Solstice of Heroes music track. Guardians can find out more by logging into their Bungie Rewards account. Listen to the sounds of the Solstice of Heroes soundtrack while you play Destiny 2 Beyond Light this fall.

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Activities - Stand Up and Fight

Guardians are to charge the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) and assault the Hive, Cabal, and Fallen. Once Guardians have executed their foes in the multiplayer, matchmaking activity, find your rewards via loot chests within the EAZ. The more elite foes Guardians dispatch, the more loot they will be granted.

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Guardian Rewards - Braverary Guerdoned

Earning Solstice Key Fragments will increase a Guardian's Power Level, while opening Solstice Packages will reward Guardians Powerful gear and unique armor upgrades. Increasing a Guardian's collection score will earn them two additional Moments of Triumph for the year three Destiny 2 Triumphs.

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Guardian Glowing Armor

Eververse will feature new emotes, accessories, and a magnificent new finisher. Guardians can purchase new Universal Ornament sets that make any Legendary armor appear the same as Solstice armor, and yes, they will make the armor glow. A Guardian's subclass will determine the color of the glow.

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