Why Ninja's Twitch Account Went Live Today

  • Ninja’s Twitch account went live today at 3:00 pm EST.
  • Ninja’s Twitch channel was featuring week three of Ninja Battles.
  • Nina did not make an appearance on his channel today.
  • Ninja Battles was featuring Fortnite as the game for today.
  • The winners of Ninja Battles on August 13th, 2020 were Envy Bucke, Kreo, and Khanada.

Why Was Ninja’s Twitch Channel Went Live Today?

Since Ninja left Twitch a few days over a year ago, his Twitch channel went away, returned, and has since went live again. Ninja’s channel did go live today and today was not the first time Ninja has been live streaming since leaving Mixer the other month.

After Ninja’s Twitch channel went live once again today, fans soon realized his channel was live again, but there was no Ninja?

Ninja Battles Featured on Gamer Ninja 1200x628

Today was not the first time Ninja has been live streaming since leaving Mixer in June. Ninja has been live streaming over on his YouTube channel

In fact, today wasn’t the first time he has been streaming on Twitch since leaving the platform over a year ago. Ninja went live on Twitch several days ago and played Fortnite for over half a million viewers and in true Ninja fashion, his fans showed up in droves.

As millions of fans were alerted that Ninja had gone live on Twitch today, they showed up to watch. A minute or so into the stream, Ninja’s Twitch chat became full of confusion as it was not Ninja himself live streaming today, but something Ninja has a ton of passion for. Also, by the looks of Ninja’s chat today, a good majority of his fan base thought today was the day he was returning to Twitch for good. That was not the case today.

Ninja’s First Return to Twitch Live Stream

Ninja’s Twitch channel went live once again today at 3:00 pm EST, but instead of Ninja himself, it featured commentary about his own eSports series Ninja Battles.

Twitch viewers got somewhat of a letdown today as Ninja’s Twitch channel went live for the first time in over a year. Unfortunately, Ninja’s Twitch channel was only featuring week three of Ninja’s new tournament series, Ninja Battles.

Ninja Battles was hosted today by Taylor Noble, aka Reflections, and SanchoWest.

Ninja Battles on Twitch Hosted by Reflections and Sanchowest

Winners of Ninja Battles August 13th, 2020

The winner of the third week of Ninja Battles, and by only one point, was professional Fortnite players Envy Bucke, Kreo, and Khanada.

Official Ninja Battles Final Leader Board 08-13-2020 Gamer Ninja 1200x628

What the Winning Teams of Ninja Battles August 13th, 2020 Took Home

The winning team of Ninja Battles today takes home $25,000 for the win, the second-place team (Liquid Riversan, SEN Zyfa, and nosh) took home $15,000, and the third-place team (Reverse2k, mero, and Pure Deyy) took home $10,000.

A schedule has not been released as of yet for Ninja Battles next week, but the expectation is it will be continuing.