Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle is stumping twitch’s best and brightest streamers


Niobe labs Madness | Destiny 2

Destiny 2 reset day took a significant twist for layers of the game.

Almost 14 hours after the infamous Bungie tweet announcing Niobe Labs is waiting for all, no one has unlocked its secrets. Streamers and puzzle experts have been trying to crack them with no success.

Niobe’s Torment is the Destiny 2 quest a fireteam of three embarks and is composed of seven levels (waves) that need to be cleared, with the seventh level being the final fight. Each Niobe Labs Bypass Level entails defeating Siviks, Lost to None, Servitor’s Kell’s Scourge, and a bunch of Fallen enemies. Players must input codes and enact symbol sequences to advance after the enemies have been taken down.

How to Unlocking Niobe Labs Bypass Levels

you will want to have a fireteam of three and full ammo before attempting the following. To find Niobe Labs go to the Outskirts area of the EDZ in Destiny 2 and head south over the bridge. Travel on your sparrow until you come to a broken bridge. Get off your sparrow and progress forward through the valley on foot until you can travel no longer. Travel through the facility until you come to a room with a Fallen captain. Clear enemies and start the quest.

First Puzzle

  • Shoot Wind symbol on the floor with Spiteful Fang Bow.
  • Shoot Rock symbol on the right wall with Tartara Gaze sniper.
  • Shoot Fire symbol on the left pillar with Hammerhead LMG

Second Puzzle

Using the Tartara Gaze sniper; the Hammerhead LMG and The Spiteful Fang bow, perform the following.


  • Stand on Tiger and shoot: Fish – Lotus – Temple
  • Stand on Dragon and shoot: Archway – Rabbit – Bamboo – Temple
  • Stand on Fish and shoot: Lotus


  • Shoot Storm
  • Stand on Moon then pull: T + H R E B F L U +


  • Stand on Daybreak, shoot: Missive – Trees – Water – Rose
  • Stand on Wind, shoot: Missive – Missive

After completing the steps above, there will be a follow-up task using The Spiteful Fang bow to finish the sequence. With Bow, stand on Daybreak, shoot Missive – Rose – Water. Once the above step has been completed, locate the glowing blue switch to activate.

Unlocking Niobe Labs Bypass Levels

Level 1

Monitor on the screen says, “La vraie connaissance est accordee a ceux qui attendent dans l’ombre” which translates to “True knowledge is given to those who wait in the shadows.”

  • Stand on Hand and shoot: B – U – T – T – E – R – F – L – Y

Level 2

  • The monitor displays a series of numbers located here.
  • With Hammerhead stand on Hand and shoot: Fire – Cloud.
  • Using Tatara’s Gaze, stand on the fish symbol and shoot the rabbit, then lotus on the back wall.

Level 3

  • Simultaneously perform the following.
  • Sniper stands on the dragon symbol and shoots Bamboo.
  • Bow stand on wind symbol and shoot: Water
  • LMG stand on star symbol and shoot: Fire

Level 4

Bow to jump and shoot wings symbol on the right forward pillar.

Level 5

  • Bow stands on the butterfly symbol; sniper positions on the fish symbol, LMG stands on hand symbol.
  • A – T – Bamboo – Missive – Waves – Tree – Arch – Rabbit – L – R – Arch – Lotus – S – D – Lotus – Rose – Heart

Level 6

This is the Bypass level everyone is stuck on at the time of this article.

The following is the code that displays after clearing the wave of enemies:

Niobe Labs Bypass level 6 Code Sequence

Niobe Labs Bypass Level 6 Code Sequence

Watch Datto and Gladd on Break the Niobe Labs Code