Prison of Elders Reveal – Destiny

The Development Team at Bungie Revealed the Secretes of Prison of Elders on Twitch. The team for Bungie for the reveal included Professor Broman, Deej, and Matt Sammons.


Prison of Elders is a Destiny End Game Activity. Close to what the Raid used to be, in the Expansion 2, which is House of Wolves within the massive MMO game we all know and love, Destiny. 

The Prison of Elders is an end game activity within Destiny, which you will have to unlock as you play and complete others within the Reef. Once opened, you will have access to the Prison of Elders with the Reef main screen area, which is known as the Director (to the right of the Reef access).


The base activity of the Prison of Elders is started at level 28 or known as a level 28 area. Fireteam is 1-3 players, is a cooperative and matchmaking game and can yield you rewards of:

  • House of Judgment
  • Cryptarch Engram
  • Vanguard Marks of +6
  • Vanguard Reputation of +25

Destiny Nugget: Level 35 Arenas will have two modifiers per round.

Upon successful completion. Yes, matchmaking. Prison of Elders has Modifiers, different bosses and offers an intense combat-focused experience with some surprises. After this, Prison of Elders offers high-end challenge modes that are not matchmaking and are level 32, level 34, and level 35. The names of these challenge modes which were exposed to us now:

Level 32 Arena Broken Legion – House of Judgment +200 and Armor Core


Level 34 Arena Urrox’s Grudge – House of Judgment +300, Weapon Core and Etheric Light


Level 35 Arena Skolas’s Revenge – House of Judgment +500, Armor Core, Weapon Core and Etheric Light


There are six total challenge modes (only three were shown as of now), with all of them rotating out within the level 35 Area every week. Gamers can run the base Arena as many times as you like. The base level 28 Arena will turn within the six Arenas being offered. The level 32 Arena, level 34 Arena, and level 35 Arena can only be run once a week. So a gamer could run the level 28 Arena as many times as they would like and get rewards each time, but the rewards are much less but rewards non-the-less. The tradeoff would be that each time you select to run the level 28 Arena, it will change to one of the six Arenas offered, but you will be matched up with three gamers who want to win the Arena.

Destiny Nugget: The level cap on House of Wolves is 34, but there will be level 35 activities.

One of the Modifiers revealed is Trickle. This House of Wolves Modifier states – Recharge of Abilities is Significantly Reduced. Once you enter an Arena, you will get to meet a Servitor that is a mouthpiece of Varicks. Varick’s is the overseer of the Prison of Elders. Much less, Varicks is a Fallen story agent seen in the original Reef reveal and the warden of the Prison of Elders. Varick’s can remotely control the Prison of Elders through the servitor.

Once you start in the Prison of Elders, you will be initiated by enemies. There is a revival time that your fireteam will be able to be revived.

Destiny Nugget: There is a Hive within the Reef Arena challenges.

Destiny Nugget: You can solo a level 32 or higher Arena.

The first part of the Arena equals three waves of enemies, but you can revive your fire team friend after 30 seconds. Then there are the Defusing Splinter Mines, which you have to defend. Once you defend and defuse the Splinter Mines, the waves are complete, and you start another and third wave of defusing Splinter Mines.  This is only the first round of the Prison of Elders Arena. Then you open another area of the Arena. Thus the three waves start again. The waves can be any of the fractions of Destiny, Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex. The defend points can change and entail a vital target, which is an enemy target specified within the Arena area but includes checkpoints that need to be reached. This is very similar to a public event in which an eliminate target is the key focus.

Destiny Nugget: The objectives which come within waves are similar to the objectives that need to be completed within Daily Events.

The Prison of Elders Arenas’ last five rounds. They are sturdy, as expected.

At least you get to start from the completed wave/round you expired from. Even though the Bungie fire team did not complete the experience, the experience is complete-able. That is what we need to know. There is an end to the game. All you need to know is that you just need to master the end of the game.

Additional inspection:

There are a total of eight modifiers. Some additional ones are Brawler mode, which increases melee damage, Catapult Mode, which increases your grenade recharge rate, and some classics modifiers such as juggler and light switch. Modifiers make you switch up your weapons and tactics to complete the end game.

The Prison of Elders is no Raid. Let me rephrase that. The Prison of Elders is sort of a three-person Raid but more of a grind than a quest. A regular strike on steroids but a little much more. The minions are plenty, and the bosses take tons of damage and pretty much an end boss who sits and watch this all only to show up at the end and require a beat down also.

Once you have defeated everything, you are treated to a wealth of treasures within Destiny. Although random, the gifts you receive are well worth the time spent to gather them.

Destiny Nugget: The level 35 Arena has six rounds to it, unlike the lever 28, level 32, level 34 Arenas, which are five rounds.

A-List of New Modifiers in House of Wolves Prison of Elders

  • Grounded: Players take more damage while in the air.
  • Small Arms: Primary weapon damaged is doubled.
  • Catapult: Grenade recharge speed is significantly increased.
  • Small Arms: Primary weapon damage is doubled.
  • Exposed: Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.
  • Brawler: Guardian melee damage is increased by 300%
  • Trickle: Abilities charge significantly slower.
  • Airborne: Players deal more damage while in the air.
  • Specialist: (suspect) Possibly special weapon damage is doubled.

Full Reveal in Detail from Bungie:

Well, there is more to come. Stay tuned to Gamer Ninja for more on the House of Wolves and Prison of Elders.

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