What is Mixer.com?

Mixer is a free online interactive live streaming platform/service.

Updated 03/13/2019 to include Mixer.com

Mixer officially started January 5th, 2016, as Beam.pro, although it was online and available before this. It offers some very cool benefits for streamers. The most significant being is it offers its viewers the ability to participate in the stream via interactive gameplay. Beam has a gamification system that allows viewers to accrue points (Spark) while watching streamers or when streaming themselves. The viewers can spend these points/Spark on interactive games that the streamer they are viewing has set up for them within their channel.

The Big Difference:

One of the significant differences with Beam, from other online live streaming platforms, is that it uses an SDK (software development kit). This allows developers to create their third-party interactive applications for Mixer. The interactive applications list is not long at this time. Interactive soundboards are the most popular among streamers. These interactive soundboards allow viewers to spend points/Spark to hear individual sound bites during the streamers live stream. Viewers can spend those points/Spark by clicking a button under the streamers’ live video feed and hearing the sound chosen live during the stream, such as a fail or cheer type sound bite.


Other interactive applications offered at this time consist of Surgeon Simulator, Minecraft Survival Adventure, and Hypixel. As developers work more with the SDK, we should expect to see more interactive options in the future.


Mixer offers a few other perks that make it stand out from other online live stream platforms/services. The one point that many talk about is Mixer’s Transcoding. They allow standard (non-Partnered) streamers the ability to transcode at 480p (partner streamers are allowed the options of 720p, 480p, and 240p). If you stream at a higher quality rate (such as 1080p), this will enable viewers the option to switch to 480p if their internet is not as good as what the streamer is offering for a viewing aspect ratio.

Without this option, the viewers with poor internet who watch streamers who stream at high quality (1080p) would be watching more of a buffering symbol than the stream. This allows Mixer streamers the ability to expand their viewer base beyond only offering one aspect ratio. Other online gaming live stream platforms/services only provide these options to partnered streamers, or may not offer it all. It takes a high amount of resources for the online gaming live stream platforms/service to ensure this. It is included, even for the startup caster.

Faster Than Light (FTL) Streaming Protocol:

Mixer offers a new streaming protocol that grants streamers a “sub-second” video latency when streaming. The push behind being below one-second lag is to allow streamers the ability to interact with their viewers, precisely viewers, more quickly. They are using interactive applications during the stream. No delay is vital when it comes to a fully online interactive experience.

Microsoft and Mixer.com

Microsoft purchased Beam.pro on August 11th, 2016. In October 2016, Microsoft announced integration with Windows 10 and the Xbox One through the Windows 10 Spring Creator’s Update released in the spring of 2017. With Microsoft fueling everything, it’s only a matter of time before this platform/service becomes a major mainstream player.


Gamer. Ninja’s Thoughts on Mixer.com

Gamer Ninja, Mixer live streamer, shares his thoughts on the state of Mixer.com

At the time of this article, Gamer Ninja had a channel on Mixer for about three months. Since then, he has upgraded his streaming setup considerably. One of the first things we did after creating our channel was to sign up for Mixer Pro streamer status. Besides turning our user name purple (which people notice), it helps further development and allows us to earn double points/Spark. Our streaming level (at the time of this article) is currently at 103, which means we have put some time in.

Our views on Mixer.com are very positive.


  • Website user control and layout of channel options: It is straightforward to use and understand.
  • The community base: We have yet to have any trolls and only have had a very positive interaction with the Mixer viewer community.
  • Very little to no delay when streaming: What shows up is only a second behind what shows up on our broadcasting software display.
  • Very insightful and helpful forums: They offer forums that can help you with everything from setting up your stream to getting the interactive options installed and going.
  • The willingness of the staff to connect to its user base: Staff is always coming out to address any concerns that may arise.
  • The quickness to address issues: The Dev Team seems to be on top of problems that crop up with the site and software.
  • (Selfish, I know) The vast majority of the streamer community speaks English.


  • The size of the community: As a video game streamer, it is hard to grow your following at a rate other sites like Twitch. Simply put, there are not a lot of people on Beam.pro at the time. This will change considerably in 2017.
  • In Google Chrome, the website crashes due to not enough memory: There is a possible memory leak that is being addressed. I have to refresh the tab on occasion to fix this.

Overall, Gamer Ninja gives Beam.pro a nine out of ten stars rating. In many ways, Mixer is much better than its competition. However, Mixer is growing, and it has been inspiring to involve them through their transformation and integration into the Xbox One. Many things are set in place to make this service/platform improve in 2017. We want to grow with them. We are at almost 1000 views and above 60 followers as of this article.

Follow our channel on Mixer: Gamer Ninja is the name of our channel.

Register at Mixer.com today and try it out for yourself. It’s simple and easy. Then let us know what your thoughts are.

Gamer.Ninja Beam forums:

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Mixer improvements since this article was written.

The world in-which Mixer exists today is a much different world it lived in when this article was first written.

The original Mixer currency Spark is used to help support streamers, and the new currency Embers is used to support directly.

Celebrities live stream on Mixer.com, such as Snoop Dogg.

Also, learn how to use a chatbot on Mixer and give it commands.

We will be sure to update this article as Mixer grows and expands. Have fun streaming!

Gamer.Ninja Staff