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New or old, streamer, ScorpBot Can Enhance Yours and Your Viewers Streaming Experience. Gamer Ninja Reviews ScorpBot and Gives it Five Stars for customizability, function, and features.

ScorpBot Main Logo | Gamer Ninja

ScorpBot Main Logo | Gamer Ninja

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What is Scorpbot?

ScorpBot is a free to use multi-platform chatbot Windows application for video game streamers and streaming influences. ScorpBot adds enhancements to the chat systems of Twitch and Mixer and allows for a great user experience when viewers interact with their streamer of choice who uses this bot. Also, via API (application programming interface), many third-party add-on services and platforms such as StreamJar, GameWisp, Google, StreamLabs, Spotify, and Discord are easily integrated into the bot.

ScorpBot’s number one asset, for some a potential liability, is you are the owner and operator, lock, stock, and barrel. You have complete control, which is what many of its users are looking for in their chatbot application.  The risky part of this is if your data is lost or your computer is down, you do not have a chatbot.

SorpBot is one of our important tools within our Streaming Room setup Room One at Gamer Ninja studios.

If you are a streamer who multi-casts on both Mixer and Twitch, monitoring both chats at the same time is difficult. A great SB feature is it helps streamers integrate chat messages from both Twitch and Mixer into each other. Using labels/titles, it shows you which comments are from Mixer and which comments are from Twitch. Then it redirects the chat from one platform to the other. So, if you prefer to focus your attention on Mixer’s user interface, you can easily do this while still monitoring your Twitch chat in the same window.

Gamer Ninja uses ScorpBot and features a ScorpBot master advanced commands list here at

Looking into the feature, the following covers everything at this current time.

ScorpBot Feature List

  • Dual Twitch and Mixer support
  • Chat relay
  • Special variables
  • Shared point/hour system
  • Special counters
  • Mini-games such as 8-Ball, Heists, Spin the Wheel (more to come)
  • Subscription/follow alerts
  • Quotes
  • Giveaway system
  • Custom commands with permissions
  • Editor/regular lists
  • Song requests
  • Google spreadsheet support
  • GameWisp support
  • Auto-host system (currently Twitch only but will support Mixer soon)
  • It can also auto-update (a big thing for many streamers)

You can even promote your stream on the main website. You will gain exp and level up as you use the bot. To add yourself, access the “Web” tab within ScorpBot the application and fill out the required text boxes. Another nice promotional perk of joining the streamer list is each time you level up, your stream channel’s name will be announced on their Twitter feed.

The following is a screenshot of the inside user interface of ScorpBot.

Screen shot of in the user interface of ScorpBot

Screenshot of in the user interface of ScorpBot

When it comes to website functionality, they also have a fully guided library of help topics, ScorpBot Update Patch Notes page, a frequently asked question area that will help you get your bot set up and activate all features. If you need further help, they have online support forums to ask questions in ScorpBot Forums. You can also become a ScorpBot VIP, which allows you, or the streamer of your choice, becoming a ScorpBot VIP streamer of the month, and they will feature your name in the upper right-hand corner of their website for one month.

Gamer Ninja has used this bot for certain things during his streams. ScorpBot does what it does very well. Today, there are very few limitations, as there were a couple of years ago. It is currently actively developed and maintained. As long as the developer and testers stick and stay with the application, or some awesome developers come along the way, it will only continue to improve and be one of the best “self-hosted” chatbot applications.

Here are two in-depth video tutorials on how to use ScopBot and its features.

ScorpBot In-Depth Tutorial Pt. 1

ScorpBot In-Depth Tutorial Pt. 2

If you are a dedicated video game streamer, are not involved with some underground advanced “Github” development bot that handles everything for you, you need to at least test out ScorpBot. It is the most advanced and customizable chatbot option you can get without developing something on your own.

ScorpBot is an application worth checking into. It can be run alongside other bot programs and either add to or solo the job for any streamer. Check it out and see it is it’s for you!

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Good Luck, Streaming!