Snoop Dogg on Mixer live streaming video games

Snoop Dogg on Mixer | Who is Snoop Dogg

If you don’t know who Snoop Dogg is, first, welcome to planet earth because everyone on earth knows who Snoop Dogg is. For the ten people on earth who don’t know Snoop Dogg, he is a world-renowned recording artist, professional dancer, movie star, fashion model, viral online personality, comedian, humanitarian, and so many other things; the list is endless. To put Snoop Dogg into perspective, he would be considered the Mick Jagger of rap.

Snoop Dogg Earns Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Snoop Dogg Earns Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Snoop Dogg, also known as just “Snoop,” gained fame and stardom during the nineteen eighties as the top West Coast G-funk rapper. While every other rap artist at that time was producing Gangster Rap, Snoop Dogg brought his subgenre of rap to the scene. His style of rapping/singing was and is uniquely different from anyone else. Snoop continues to release award-winning music to this day.

Snoop’s genius as an artist included adding more fun and humor into his lyrics while still delivering a firm tone in his message. His style and music-filled a pop culture void. The void Snoop filled with his music lies somewhere between Micheal Jackson and Two Live Crew. His music and outreach influenced generations of rappers to come and could be contributed to saving the future of rap altogether. Without Snoop Dogg, rap as a genre may have gone the direction of other music genres such as disco. Thanks to Snoop’s contributions, to this day, rap continues to play a pivotal role in modern-day music.

First Mega Celebrity to Embrace Video Game Streaming

Snoop Dogg On Mixer. He is officially a video game streamer now. He has become one of the first mega-celebrities to embrace the video game live streaming craze and opened up his private online gaming experiences for all to see. Snoop Dogg’s first live stream occurred last Sunday, and he officially secured the Mixer user account of @SnoopDogg on Tuesday. Since then, Snoop has seen rapid channel growth as viewers are eager to see what the mega rap artist is doing and what he is up to.

SnoopDogg Smokin Playing Video Games on Mixer

Snoop Dogg Streaming on Mixer

Snoop Dogg has been setting up and starting live, allowing his fans to observe video game live streaming history in the making. It has been a fun experience for many to watch SnoopDogg start-up his channel as thousands of people display their appreciation in the text chat area. In a short few days, Snoop’s Mixer channel has rapidly risen to 20,000 followers and is growing every second.

Snoop Fact: Snoop Dog on Mixer exclusively streams the video game, Madden NFL.

Snoop’s streams range from in the recording studio to his in-house filming studio. Snoop Dogg established himself as a viral videoing producer on YouTube, where his channel, West Fest TV, has over 4.5 million subscribers. Snoop’s YouTube channel is set up as a talk-show format titled as GGN News, Double G Hood News. He features celebrity guests such as comedian and film stars Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence, along with legendary rapper Too Short. Snoop Dogg interviews his guests in ways that only Snoop can do. Snoop and guests are generally smoking marijuana, which allows his guests to open up in ways they usually would not. Snoop’s GGN News brings interviews that are both informative and exclusive. Now Snoop Dogg is taking himself to another level. Snoop is going live and streaming video games on

Jamie Foxx on the GGN News Network Featuring SnoopDogg

Snoop Dogg on Mixer Gangster Gaming League Follower Challenge

In Snoop Dogg’s first week on, he has accumulated almost 20,000 followers. As far as we can tell, this is the fastest a human-based streaming channel on Mixer has amassed followers. To make this even more now, Snoop has issued a follower challenge to accompany his second week on Mixer.

If SnoopDogg’s Mixer channel gets to 100,000k followers by March 13th, 2019, he will host and broadcast live a tournament for all to see. He wasn’t specific on which video game the competition would include, but we assume it will involve the football video game Madden NFL.

Snoop also started the GGL, Gangster Gaming League, which is his eSports gaming league and sanctioned eSports tournament platform.

SnoopDogg announced his new follower challenge courtesy Gene Bryant’s, also known as Hollywood Gene, Twitter feed. Bryant was a former cast member of CBS’s reality TV series The Glass House in 2012 and the current Twitch. Tv personality. Bryant appears to be a resource which is supporting Snoop Dogg behind the scenes of his new streaming channel. We are unsure of the complete roll Gene plays in all this, from what we have observed, Gene is providing technical and promotional support for Snoop’s latest venture.

The Future of Snoop Dogg on Mixer

With Snoop Dogg on Mixer now, the future looks very bright for both Mixer and Snoop. It’s a great combination if you ask the Mixer community.

Snoop is going to take streaming on Mixer to the next level. There is a great chance he will become the biggest streamer on Mixer. Snoop Dogg on Mixer is like the mothership has come home. It feels right, it makes good sense, fits who he is, and he even remarkably looks cool doing it.