Taniks the Abomination Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide

Taniks the Abomination Boss Fight Key Points

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Taniks the Abomination Deep Stone Crypt Raid Boss Fight Guide

Warning: This is a work-in-progress guide for the second encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid. If something does not make sense, it’s because we are entering this info in real-time and will come back to update and add images and other graphics needed to complete this section of the Raid.

After defeating the Atraks-1, Fallen Exo encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt Destiny Beyond Light Raid, and the Taniks Reborn encounter, you are brought to the area where the final encounters of the raid will be fought.

Augment Buffs Found in This Raid Encounter

  • Red Operator Augment Buff: 
  • Yellow Seeker Augment Buff: Can see devices to plant nuclear cores into.
  • Blue Suppressor Augment Buff: 

The Taniks the Abomination encounter in the Destiny 2, Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid is pretty straight forward when compared to the encounters in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

Six receptacles devices, in pairs of two, will spawn around the map that players will again need to be deposited nuclear cores into. The receptacle devices that the nuclear cores need to be deposited into are only able to be seen by the player who has the Seeker buff. It is a good idea to number these receptacles so as the carrier of the yellow Seeker buff calls out the location of the active device to deposit the nuclear cores into, the team members who pick up the nuclear cores will be able to know where to deposit them.

Once again, it is advisable to divide your fireteam of six players into teams of two, actually labeled as your “Buff Buddy”. Your Buff Buddy will support you when it comes to transferring the augment buff when it is defunct and resurrecting their Buff Buddy teammate if they are to go down.

Taniks the Abomination Mechanics

  • There are three Augmentation Terminals located around the arena in a 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.
  • There are six sphere repositories located around the arena.
  • Shooting Taniks’s platform jets drop the spheres to deposit.
  • The cooldown Augment Lockout prevents players from running multiple tasks back to back.


Taniks the Abomination Boss Fight DPS Phase

Ideally, this encounter will be won and finished in three boss damage (DPS) phases, with the team doing 1/3 of health damage to Taniks during each phase. Taniks’s crit point during the damage phase is located on his head. Preparation for the main DPS phase is done by shooting his crit points located on the propulsion jets/motors of his platform, with the largest crit damage point.

Once the encounter starts, enemies will spawn around the arena.
Vandals will spawn in the rear of the arena that are carrying the buffs.

Once a sphere is deposited, Taniks’s platform jets/motors turn into crits and need to shot to drop more spheres.

Operator shoots

During the damage phase, the entire team must enter the bubble surrounding Taniks and


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