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Gamer Ninja offers an inside look into the latest The Witcher release.  The newest version is Witcher 2 – Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt comes out on 05/19/2015.

You can get an Xbox One edition, which is called the Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition on Xbox One. Major Nelson explains:

The Witcher 3 is a deep and dense RPG edition of the Witcher series. It offers an open-world gaming experience. It provides a vast open-world gaming experience. More significant than any other Witcher experience. The gaming world you experience is filled with fields plugged with foliage and townships, where people are striving to get by. With dawn to dusk cycle and weather to boot, The Witcher 3 offers a realistic real-world experience for gamers. The mini-map is going to be crucial for you to navigate throughout the world. The world is vast and full of purpose.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Launch Cinematic

The main story of Witcher 3 does offer some initial lackluster. Although it provides some potential for greatness, ultimately, it lacks compared to the previous Witcher releases. You start out looking for Yennifer and Ciri. Geralt just runs quests to find these individuals. Geralt’s objective is to complete quests to gain information about the whereabouts of Yennifer and Ciri.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Official Gameplay Trailer

The highest accolade of The Witcher 3 is given to the actors who gave great voice contributes and dialogue during the gameplay. The downside to this would be having the execution of a role-play become something less-complex and straightforward than what I was expecting. The tradeoff, being something simple such as a meaningless fetch quest. The tasks requested are so simple that it makes it hard to journey on within the pursuit.

Witcher 3 Note: Ciri is more or less a stranger until the last quarter of the journey, which makes it more complicated when it comes to finding here than the game is focused on me finding here.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Official Gameplay

Witcher 3 gets everything right when you venture off the beaten path. You will see familiar faces in Witcher 3 that you know from Witcher 2. Assassination plots, underground turf wars, over triangles, and unexpected alliances are all part of these optional romps. You will feel that these should be part of the main story, aside from the side-quests, monster layers, and bandit camps.

Witcher 3 Nugget: The best way to generate currency is to kill Foglets in the thick smog.

Your role within The Witcher 3 will help shape the land being destroyed by war. Your decisions decided within the game will have a dramatic outplay within the endgame. Any decision within the game can have a dramatic impact on the outcome. Keep this in mind throughout the game.

To progress within Witcher 3 is more complicated than previous editions. Although a more superior than in Witcher 2, Witcher 3 offers better ways to restock, re-potion, and use oils. You also get to have new potions, greatly enhanced mounted combat, and the ability to cast spells.

Major Nelson Unboxing- The Witcher: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition on Xbox One

The signs have been improved across to board, making them viable within every fight. You can now build a sign-focused Geralt. You will be able to re-send crossbow bolts back to the sender as a perk with Witcher 3. The new Skill System offered allows gamers the ability to craft unique and massive armor and weapons that are still rewarding.

The real-time combat of Witcher 3 is responsive. Jump me is the analogy focused on the gameplay of Witcher 3. Come on and Jump Me so I can ascend upon them and complete my quest.

Our overall Gamer Ninja review is Witcher 3 is an excellent RPG and combat game. We recommend this game and recommend our viewers here at Gamer Ninja to try it out!

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