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Twitch Partner Review | EnragedCinema | Gamer Ninja offers its viewers a glimpse into the world of Twitch. Twitch is a video game streaming platform that people can broadcast their video game gameplay live for millions to watch.

Twitch is home to many modern-day celebrities, and EnragedCinema is no exception. He is a well-known Twitch, and YouTube Partnered video content creator and broadcaster. Check out his channel by visiting his Twitch. T.V. Live Streaming Platform.

At Gamer Ninja, we support, watch, and love his streaming channel and think he is one of the kings of Destiny online content. He makes us feel, and he is genuinely an excellent live video game streaming influencer.

One of the many Twitch channels we watch is non-other than EnragedCinema. EnragedCinema goes by the username of Prodigy.

If you would like to support him, visit his Subscribe Link and tell him Gamer Ninja sent you. Prodigy is a gamer dedicated to the game of Destiny. He has played almost (if not every day) day since Destiny launched its Destiny Beta in 2014

Status Update | EnragedCinema | He Is Not Dead But Alive, Well and Looking Good

EnragedCinema is also a Partnered YouTube Channel with over 500,00 subscribers as of 08/2018. He is very entertaining. He was one of the original Destiny the Game streamers but mainly kept to his own. We do not recall him ever connecting with the other big Destiny Streamer like KingGothalion or ProfessorBroman. The Rage of EnragedCinema is his calling card and what makes him so fascinating to watch. He is both funny and smart.

Bio: Live streaming influencer and video gamer known for raging and good music. He has YouTube and Twitch Partnered channels and is a full-time streamer that makes a living on donations and subscribers on YouTube and Twitch. He has been posting videos since 2013 and has gained much notoriety for his on stream antics and comedic approach to video game streaming.

  • D.O.B.: May 2nd, 1990 (Age 28)
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Career: Partnered YouTube and Twitch Video Game Streamer
  • YouTube Start Date: March 9th, 2013
  • Sign: Taurus

According to his Twitch Stats and Metrics, he is still streaming and even streaming Destiny 2.

EnragedCinema is also featured on the accessible chatbot NightBot’s website with his own Channel Commands list.

Were here at Gamer Ninja enjoys EnragedCinema, aka Prodigy. He brings us great music and excellent gaming entertainment. He also was a Destiny Sparrow racing champion and one of the best Trails of Osiris players on Destiny.

EnragedCinema also offers some great commentary on his games. This what is needed with streamers. Besides his excellent commentary, he also brings advanced details to his Twitch streaming page. He also explains on how he gets the arena he has to bring his streaming to the masses:

EnragedCinema | Destiny Space Orbit Screen Shot Live Streaming

His  reads

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He has been the featured streamer on Gamer Ninja since we featured the Twitch FEATURED TWITCH CHANNEL last month. We plan to keep him on the tip until we get another option, which will comprise his position. He is genuinely a video gaming industry legend and

Click on, subscribe, and donate to EnragedCinema.

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