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Welcome to Gamer.Ninja | Covering the Next Generation and Latest Gaming Technologies

Welcome to GamerNinja. We here at GamerNinja want to offer our website visitors the best online, web experience possible related to gaming and the gaming industry.

At GamerNinja we would like to become the number one online resource related to video and PC gaming.

GamerNinja Legendary Live Online Video Game Streaming Influencer Streamer

Legendary Live Video Game Streaming Influencer Streamer

Offering the latest news and reviews directed towards the most current and popular video gaming platforms and video games is our number one goal. We encourage our website visitors to engage and interact with our site. We want to create a place where anyone can have a voice and anyone can become a gaming industry expert. From youth to the old aged gamer, we want you and to hear from you.

GamerNinja is an online live video game streaming influencer who streams on Mixer, TwitchYouTube, SmashCast

Welcome to my new website and the new home of GamerNinja. It’s been over four years since I first published this webpage and so much has happened since. Video game live streaming has been so good to me these past few years. I have met so many amazing people that I cannot keep count. On to the next best video gaming thing says “GamerNinja”!

Gamer Ninja offers the latest and most accurate information on large Video Gaming Industry companies and businesses.

Gamer Ninja Defines what the video gaming industry is and its history

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