Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Premium Xbox One Gaming Headset Review


The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Headset for Xbox One is a premium headset for gamers alike. It allows players on the Xbox One gaming console to independently use a headset without the drawbacks of previous headsets from the Xbox 360 or other Xbox One headsets.

The most prominent feature of the XO Seven is the fact it does not require batteries. This is huge for a wireless headset. Not requiring batteries allows the gamer to play on and on—no recharging or replacing of batteries. The second massive feature of the XO Seven is that being wireless it does not require any audio wires to run back to the console. The headset is entirely controlled and powered through the controller.

When talking about the controller with Xbox One, you will think of the headset adapter being needed. It certainly is still required, but with the XO Seven, it is included. So this will save the gamer money when looking into a headset.  Currently, the adaptor retails around the $24.00 mark.

Overall this headset is a godsend to any Gamer Ninja. The only drawback we can tag to this headset model is that it is slightly on the heavier side. It feels comfortable but does weigh in rather heavy on the scale of gaming headsets. Not too bad, but it is heavy on the head.

The bonus items include a detachable microphone, a removable emergency connection wire, so active gamers will not break the connection wire and interchangeable ear covers, which do something I have no clue at this time about.

Gamer.Ninja rates this headset at a 9.9 out of 10 stars.

In our opinion, this gaming headset is a must-buy!

Gamer.Ninja Staff